Monday, November 24, 2008

The Little Things....

I'm working the overnight shift and I was thinking about how, earlier, something small happened that made me smile. It really is the little things that get to me.....
  • Christmas trees
  • "Cute" days
  • A hug right when you need one
  • Cookie breaks
  • Hearing my favorite song on the radio
  • Singing at the top of my lungs in the studio when no one is in the building to hear me
  • A random text or phone call from a person you least expect
  • Making Scott almost spit out his coffee
  • Justin Timberlake in a leotard (YouTube it)
  • The theme song to 'So You Think You Can Dance'
  • Hearing "It's Miss Jessica!!!!" when I knock on Evan, Emma, and Abby's door
  • Hearing "Who's on the phone?".... "Aunt Jessica".... "I wanna talk to her!" when I'm on the phone with Heidi
  • Walking around the lake with my walking buddies
  • Thursday nights when there's a new Grey's
  • Going to a concert and being able to sing along with all of the songs
  • My comfy bed
  • Finding a cute pair of shoes on sale
  • "Cherry Lips" by Garbage.... that song makes me laugh, no matter what mood I'm in, lol
  • Tea Roses
  • Holiday movies
  • Getting the opportunity to use a random movie quote, like "That guy is so accidentally cool!" (come on, can you tell me where that's from?)
  • Fall weather
  • Calling Heidi and her understanding EXACTLY what it is that I'm saying
  • Being a sarcastic ***** with Heidi and her still insisting that I'm a nice person, lol
  • Wedding Cake that's not from Publix!
  • Anytime that someone does my hair for me
  • ChillTown and The Donatos
  • "Seriously"
  • George Clooney, Patrick Dempsey, Shane West, Simon Baker, Thorsten Kaye, Jason Thompson
  • Asparagus
  • Anytime that I get to either hang out with or talk on the phone with one of my friends
  • A good book
  • Disney Oxygen
  • Realizing that something really small just made your day and smiling because of it.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Taylor Swift CD

Taylor Swift's new CD 'Fearless' came out about a week and a half ago. I just need to take the opportunity to say how much I LOVE this CD.

I've always thought Taylor had cute songs that were relatable, even if a bit "young." This CD (while still slightly young) is much more mature. And, SOOO good. I think teenagers can not only relate to this CD, but can look up to it. As an adult, there are themes in her songs that I certainly relate to.....

Literally, I adore the first 7 on the CD. I like the others, but there are two that I'm not crazy about two of them. The first 7, though, are AMAZING.

Also, I'm a really big Colbie Caillat fan. She and Taylor co-wrote 'Breathe.' Colbie sings harmony on the track.
I could go on and on and on, but really, you just need to get the album!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day 2 of SSW

The first day of SSW was warm and HUMID.

Second day?

Quite the opposite, lol.
Whether people believe it or not, it *does* get cold in Florida. Mainly because, as with SSW, it's hot one day and freezing the very next.

Triple Play Game Show with Laura Wright.... they have one actor from each show and play against one another. It's a lot of fun, especially the trivia round. The audience gets to "help" and they end up knowing way more than the actors, lol.

We ended up with an extra FastPass, so Haigen got to meet Julie Marie Berman. When he walked up, a fan taking pictures was asking her to make a funny face. She asked Haigen for ideas and this is what he came up with........

General Hospital's Julie Marie Berman

GH's Kimberly McCullough

GH's Brandon Barash

GH's Jason Thompson (His dimples kill me)

GH's Bradford Anderson

One Life to Live's Farah Fath

GH's Laura Wright

Before the Street Jam, I went to one last talk show. I'm not and never have been a HUGE fan of Days of Our Lives, but I always liked these two......

GH's Kirsten Storms and OLTL's Farah Fath are close friends, in real life. They grew up on Days together.

Overall, it was a GREAT weekend!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Super Soap Weekend - Day One

Ok, so little fact about me.... I'm addicted to soaps. I have been from the womb. It's just a fact, lol.

When I was 12, the announced this thing called Super Soap Weekend at Disney/MGM Studios. I was stoked and begged my mom to take me. My favorite stars were going to be there, so I wanted to be there, also! We ended up going and started an annual tradition of it. Since that first one, I've met so many great people.... some of the dearest friends there. It's an EXHAUSTING two days, but loads of fun.

So, this was the 13th and final SSW. Here's hoping the Powers That Be eventually change their minds.

Haigen and Kay-Leigh literally laying on the ground EARLY Saturday morning.

Haigen with two of the three Soap Sisters. These hysterical ladies are there every year. They are each Beauty Queens from one of the soap towns. They're fraternal triplets.... same father, different mothers, lol. That's their story and they're sticking to it!!

Miss Lanview..... Candy Cane

Miss Pine Valley..... Sugar Cane.
The missing one is Miss Port Charles.... Nova Cane, lol.

Then, it was time to meet the actors.....

All My Children's Ricky Paull Goldin

AMC legend - Darnell Williams!!

AMC's Alicia Minshew

I also met Thorsten Kaye, but the picture didn't come out very well. It's blurry and from very far away (thanks Yellow-Shirted Disney person, lol).

Two of my dear friends that made it this year.... Crystal and Amber

Susan Lucci and Tony performed their Pasa Doble from Dancing with the Stars!

My mom and I

Saturday, November 8, 2008

All I Want To Do-oh-oh-oh-oh

Last night was the ultimate Girl's Night! For my mom's 48th Birthday (which was last week, the 29th), I decided to take her to the Sugarland concert. We both LOVE Sugarland. They were going to be in Kissimmee, so I thought it would be a fun time.

My Aunt Jen wanted to go and so did Paula, so they each bought tickets. Also, Billie Jo and her two sisters, Jenny and Jamie, love the group. We decided to make a girl's night out of it.

Billie Jo, Jamie, Paula, Jenny, and Myself

Me, Mom, and Aunt Jen

Me and Aunt Jen

Billie Jo and I
Earlier in the day, Kellie Pickler (who was opening for them) stopped by the station for an on-air interview. I brought Mom and Jen up there to meet her.

Later, everyone met at my house. We loaded up in my mom's big Suburban (yes, all 7 of us) and off we went. Our first stop was Chipotle's for dinner!!

The concert was AWESOME! I seriously love that group and they're even better live. So much energy!!!

Who is that in the balls? Oh yes.... it Sugarland! They raced to the end of the crowd and back to the stage. So cool!!

The only downside? My voice was already going (it happens 3-4 times a year when the seasons change) and my singing at the top of my lungs did it in. Yeah, voice is completely gone. Dead.... like, seriously, not in existence.

This morning, we had a car giveaway. It's our big Fall Promotion. All the full-time air staff was there, as well as our PD, the Sales Rep, and Tunie. I was registering people..... yeah, not so easy to do when you can't talk. Then, I had to race to the station to work the board during a remote.

I'm supposed to be on the air tonight and tomorrow night. Thankfully, M (our PD) told me I only have to talk twice an hour, instead of introducing every other song.