Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Life and Randomness....

I suck at this whole documenting life thing, lately. And, not just on my seriously neglected blog....... I have several Shutterfly books I would like to finish. I'm even not so great at remembering to Tweet or go on IG.

I guess I am just busy. I try to remember to document in some way, but it's so fast moving.

My perfect niece was born exactly two weeks ago. I have a post in drafts to let you see how wonderful she is. It will happen, soon. Just be sure that she's the best thing on Earth.

I'm giving away a truck on Saturday. In a pretty big way. A freaking live game show. That I put together. It's not easy, ya'll.

An extremely amazing opportunity has come up........ Hopefully, it will go through.We will see.

The past few years have been "The Years of Sass"......... Pretty sure that I've entered "The Years of The Bitch."

As of late, I am more in love..... and more unsure of the future.... and more calm.... than ever in my life. We will see.