Thursday, June 18, 2015

Things You Probably Don't Know About Me.....

Well, considering I haven't posted anything since March.... You probably don't know quite a bit about me. However, I've got the procrastinator bug and this looked fun, so............

Helene in Between 

  • I actually still go to my reader pretty much everyday to read updates, even though I hardly update my own blog anymore.
  •  This August will be ten years since I started interning at the radio station. Still here, but a lot has changed.
  • I've met Taylor Swift three times. You can read about the first time here.
  • I have a horrible phobia of rats/mice, hanging bridges, and Ferris wheels. Like, in my head, I'm ok with all of them. Then, I come into contact with them and lose all sense of logic.
  • I've watched every single episode of Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and Full House. Most episodes of each, I've seen at least twice. In reality, I've probably seen every single episode of Full House no less than half a dozen times.
  • I don't eat ketchup, mustard, or mayo. I also don't eat eggs or hotdogs.
  • Crunchy peanut butter is my favorite and I prefer OJ with LOTS of pulp.
  • I could eat boiled peanuts every day and never get tired of them. 
  • The idea of being a Beluga Whale just makes me sad....... the song just doesn't match up with what I've seen of them. 
  • I've had the same blog design for about four years and have been toying with a change, but am afraid to pull the trigger.
  • While it's highly possible that I may never get married, I've had my wedding dress picked out for years. Here's hoping it still exists if/when I do get a ring on it.
  • While it's highly possible that I may never have children, I've had names picked out for over ten years. The first boy and first girl are non-negotiable. The kicker of all this? The guy I've had a back and forth with for the past few years (I call him FD) actually really likes both names. Now, if he could ever get his head out of his behind.
  • As a native Floridian, I cannot imagine living in a landlocked state. However, going to the beach is only slightly more appealing than camping (which I despise).