Saturday, March 6, 2010

Partying with the teenyboppers (and loving every minute of it)....

**** WARNING!!!!! - Extreme picture overload to follow!!!!! *****

 Also, please excuse the astericks.... I'm trying to de-G**gle.

Back in October.... early October, I got a text from J, "Tayl*r Sw*ft, the Forum, March 4th..... Mark it down in your calendar!!" Um, hello!

Since that text, we've done an extreme amount of promotion for the concert.... both the T*mpa and Orl*ndo concerts. Both shows sold out almost immediately, but the record label was AWESOME and we got a lot of really great things to give away.

Most of our record label stuff was for the Orl*ndo show, but we were getting station tickets for Tamp* show. Jeni, Melissa, and I decided to make a Girls' Night out of it! We got out of work early and headed to T*mpa.

We knew that we had Meet and Greets, but had no clue what a treat we were in for......

The entrance into the "T Party."

It's decorated to look like the inside of a magic bottle, in the "T Party" room. There were several couches and chairs, TVs, a Fooseball table, and plenty of stereos.

Me, M, and J

The "wall" of fame..... Taylor did this herself.....

Taylor entered and there was a small group of girls, waiting at the entrance. They were sooooo cute and excited to see her. She spent several minutes with each of them, talking and asking them questions.

When it came time for our group, she hugged us all and thanked us for coming. Seriously, this is one extremely poised young woman.

BFFs, for sure, lol

After spending some time with us, she moved on to the next group. It was basically the radio stations and their various DJs/programers. We joked around because it was pretty segregated.... after all, we're not supposed to like each other. However, despite the competition, there are some friendships that cross.

When she was done meeting with everyone, she stood up on the couch and addressed the whole group. This was the kickoff to her American tour and she was so excited and grateful. She thanked us for the support throughout her young career.

Our time with Taylor was then up....... however, her mom offered to show us around the backstage area. Let me just say........... not only was I living every 8 year old girl's fantasy, I was in heaven. I am a behind-the-scenes junkie. I live for this stuff!

Video World..... every bit of video you see during the show is controlled from this area. Taylor sat down and helped choreograph her entire show from start to finish, including the video elements.

There were signs pointing to various departments and rooms all over. I wish I would have taken a picture of the sign that said "Everything this way" lol. Her mom said that as soon as they get to an arena, they set up camp. They have a miniature city set up and make sure everything is as clear as possible. She also said that on the rare occasion that they play the same place for two or three nights, they love to set up bonfires in the parking lot. They LOVE getting to chill and feel like that place is a little more familiar.

This way to Taylor Swift's dressing room ->

Behind the stage while Gloriana was performing....

Taylor's mom and I

See that little white area? That's her quick change room underneath the stage.

The view from the stage (or as close as I'll ever get).... seriously, how awesome is it?

After the tour, we went back up to the main level and met with a couple of our record reps. It was almost time for the main event, so we found our seats (also awesome.... center stage, about 8 rows back).

The Girls waiting for the show to start.

Cute story.... there was an adorable teenage goup sitting next to us. The girl next to us turned to me and said, "I sing really loudly and really badly. I hope you don't mind." I said, "Don't worry.... I do, too. We'll get along just fine." She was like, "Oh good!! I was a little afraid that you might be mad at me and my teenybopper friends."

The best part? When they turned the lights off and starting playing Metro Station "Shake It" my friends and I were singing and dancing with as much enthusiasm as all those young girls, lol.

The show had begun!!!

You Belong With Me

Our Song

She is SO expressive and entertaining....

Why...... Her stage and sets were amazing. I tried to get as many picture of them as possible (obviously, lol).

We'd been told to head back to the sound board area after the 4th song, so we headed back there.

This was our view for about 3-4 songs, lol.....

I, of course, took the opportunity to take pictures of us, since I couldn't get pictures of the stage, lol.

Then, our obstructed view became the best seats in the house........

How freaking cute are these boots???.....

Amazing part.....Taylor's mom and some other people actually picked people from out of the audience to sit inside the sound board area during that part of the performance. I got such a kick out of watching those girls......

Back to our seats in time for "Love Story".....

That's The Way I Love You....


You're Not Sorry


Should've Said No

..... and, that was the end of the concert.

We booked it out of there and were able to beat traffic. Home was calling, but we had SUCH an awesome time.

LOL.... we were all the next morning.

And, an unlikey turn of events led me to repeating some of it on Friday night.......


Lil' Woman said...

That is sooo freakin got to meet her, had great seats and got to view backstage...i am SOOOOO jealous. I heart Taylor Swift!! :) She seems like she is such a sweet girl!

PaigeR530 said...

AHHH I am so jealous! I LOVE Taylor Swift! I can't believe you got to meet her!!! That's so awesome!

Gina said...

I LOVE Taylor Swift! You got fantastic pics!

Justine said...

Um, I think you need to start sharing AMAZING concert tickets with your blog friends... Just sayin' :)

Sonya said...

Looks like she puts on a great concert!

Brittany Ann said...

My students are going to be j-j-jealous! Can't wait to tell them! You even met her mom!

Melissa said...

This was great to read & i loved the pics too! Gosh, i love that girl's hair! Glad to hear that she's a sweetheart! Glad y'all had an amazing time! :)