Sunday, May 31, 2009

Anal Retentiveness at its best...

Anyone that knows me, knows that my cell phone and I have a special bond. I am never without it. I seriously wouldn't know what to do if it wasn't with me.

In fact, just last week, I left my phone at Mia's house for a mere 7 hours (overnight). I was there first thing in the morning to retrieve it. I knocked on the door and Abby came running, "Miss Jessica, Miss Jessica! I have your phone! You left your phone here!!!"

Needless to say, I am very glad I am from the era of Cell Phones.

Two years ago, I got this beauty.....

The LG enV. It immediately opened up my world to the glories of texting. It was once compared to a pillow. It's just so cute and rounded and silver (also the color of my car).

While all of my family members have been through at least THREE other phones since I got mine, I kept the enV. A few scratches, but otherwise, it's still in great shape.

However, unfortunately, cell phones aren't made to last these days. The battery was quickly dying on me and several buttons were wearing out. I'd been fighting it for over a month, but I decided yesterday that it was time to get a new one.

I went to the Verizon store (FYI.... I flipping LOVE their service) and started looking at my options.

There was the Blackberry brand.... my mom and stepdad have those. After trying to use them to surf the web, I just don't think I could handle the touch screen.

My stepsister and a coworker have the Voyage. My mom used to have one. It's ok, but I just wasn't thrilled.

My brother has the enV2. That was the first one I looked at.

Then, there was the enV3, which apparently just came out on Friday. It took me a few minutes, but I decided this one was the one for me. My mother was laughing at me.... when it comes to cell phones and day planners, I am incredibly intense when making a decision.

Behold my new best friend (ignore the maroon... I went for slate blue)....

I already think I love it. There are a few minor annoyances that I have to get used to, but overall, I *really* like it.

One thing that I'm getting used to is the "Space" key on the keyboard. It's in the middle of the keypad, instead of having one on either side (by your thumbs). Also, the "Shift" and "Symbol" keys are down a row from current keypads. It takes a minute to acclimate.

I actually practiced texting several times on the display phone before deciding. After the 5th test, I found myself being able to do it.

Another downside is the "Groups." While the original enV and my previous phones allowed for as many in a group as you want, this only allows 10. Oh well, I don't actually use groups.... I just catagorized my contacts.

Which brings me to the reason I don't like to change phones very often. I'm obsessive about organizing my contacts and ringtones. Every group has its own ringtone. I think carefully when deciding how to assign ringtones. And, once they're assigned on a phone, I rarely change it. On occasion, I may add a new Default tone, but the groups remain the same. It takes a nice amount of time to get everything set the way I want it.

Some people get annoyed by this.... I find it to be very helpful.

If my mom calls, I hear Mama Said.

If my family calls, I hear Hot n Cold (used to be We Are Family on the other phone).

If one of my friends call, I hear This One's For The Girls.

If someone from work calls, I hear Better Life.

If "The Guy" calls, I hear Tailor Made (I realize this is a bit sappy and silly.... I still do it).

If any of my "online" friends call, I hear the theme to General Hospital (don't judge me).

When Heidi calls, I used to hear Rich Girl (if we were rich, we'd live nearer to one another), but we're discussing a new one for the new phone.

If I get a voicemail or text message, I hear Please Mr. Postman.

I had a few more songs for various other groups on my other phone, but they really weren't needed. I may or may not add to it later on... we'll see.

Yes, this is nuts. I'm ok with it.

Friday, May 29, 2009

'Up' in 3D

Tonight I went to see the new Disney Pixar movie Up. We saw it in 3D. SOOOOOOO cute.

These 4 main characters are so funny, lol. Russell.... the kid... has some of the funniest lines. As does Doug the Dog. It is seriously a great movie. I was not a fan of Wall-E last year. And, I cannot stand The Incredibles. So, I was a little worried that I wouldn't like this one.

One warning.... it's a little sad and bittersweet, at points. You find it out early in the movie.... it's just really heavy.

Oh! The 3D part! Totally cool. I was worried that it would give me a headache (3D at amusement parks do). However, I had no problems, whatsoever.

I absolutely recommend this movie! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The past week in review (boy, included)...

Beyond the tornados, here's a brief recap of the past 7 or so days.....
  • Spent 30 minutes on the phone with "The Guy" talking about American Idol, work, our parents, our wardrobes, kids, and Play Doh
  • Was asked by a 5th grader if "The Guy" and I were married because apparently we sound like we are when we talk to each other
  • Went to lunch with "The Guy" and a friend.... he drove us by his childhood home (not really sure why, but it was cute)
  • Was then blown off by "The Guy" and got pissed off
  • Spent the evening with my Evan, Emma, and Abby
  • Worked a lot this weekend
  • Was re-charmed by "The Guy".... still need prayer
  • Saw "Night at the Museum 2".... LOVED it!
  • Went to Orlando with the family to spend time at City Walk (they went to Universal the next day... I worked)
  • Worked, a lot
  • Watched the first 3 episodes of "So You Think You Can Dance"!!!!!!!!
  • Started going back to the YMCA.... where I've been spending quality time with the Elliptical machines!!!

Also! I took an early lunch to go visit my girls at CPE. I worked with them for so long (while I was a sub). While I do love my job and my coworkers.... I really miss them! It was so nice to sit in the good ole Teacher's Lounge and chill for half an hour. They are such great ladies..... HYSTERICAL, too!

*** Special shout-out to Susan!! Thanks for the yell when you walked into the room... I felt like a rock star, again, lol.

Tornados and Ducks

So, I was catching up on my bloggy friends' lives, thinking about how I haven't blogged in a week. I kind of have stuff to say, but am in a bit of a rut.... so, I was trying to figure out what I had to say.

Then, I looked up and saw this white haze outside......

It's been some nasty weather in Central Florida, lately. Very, very rainy (hurricane season is coming quickly, folks). Well, outside as I was reading was a tornado trying to form (still is, actually). The water in the pond outside was being pushed into the middle of the pond.

I ran upstairs to try to capture it.....

Pictures weren't quite getting the water, so I started taking a video. I don't know if you can quite get the effect, but you can hear the swish! of the rain and wind.

As I was taking the video, the ducks from the pond were quacking and my mom starting trying to save them, lol. Watch to the end when they decide they didn't need saving, lol.....

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I'm so excited that Kris won!!!!

So many people (including the judges) thought Adam had it sewn up.... but, nope. The Dark Horse pulled it off!

And, can I just say how absolutely GIDDY I am over his performance with Keith?!?!?!?!

I love Keith Urban. I just adore the man. I still turn into a pile of mush when I think of the private concert I got to witness.

Those two were phenomenal together. I loved it!

And, imo, that wraps up why Kris ultimately won over Adam. Adam is a BRILLIANT performer and vocalist. No doubt. But, Kris proved over and over that he was relevant in today's music industry. He got up and sang with an artist that is currently at the top of the charts. Besides Jason Mraz and BEPs (which were done as group performances), Keith Urban was the only star that is current. There is no doubt that those other stars (KISS, Rod Stewart, Lionel Ritchie, Cyndi Lauper, etc) are great in their own right. However, they aren't what is on the radio, right now. Last week, Kris sang two current songs. Adam didn't and neither did Danny.

I love it when "my guy" wins!

OH! AND!!!!! So You Think You Can Dance starts tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A sprinkle of Pixie Dust

My most favorite Emma in the whole wide world turned 4, so it was PAR-TY time, lol. Nothing is an ego boost like walking into a big room and having a child run to you yelling "MISS JESSICA!!!!!!!!" I got the longest, best hug from the birthday girl.

The party was supposed to be at a park. However, rain was scheduled, so it was moved inside. The children didn't seem to mind, at all.....

Besides hula hoops, they also had band instraments to play with, lol.

I'm not quite sure what Don was doing all dressed up. The kids enjoyed it, though.

The hula hoopin, luau attending, cowgirl.

Angelface Abby.... she was on that thing for like 5 minutes. Then, I tried to take a picture and she kept falling off, lol. I was at the party for about 10 minutes before she realized I was there. As soon as she saw me, she came running. Big hugs from her, too.

From the super cool 8 year old? "Oh, hey Miss Jessica."

LOL, he's too cool to run and hug. I was able to sneak a couple, though. Here he is, showing off his mad hula hoop skills.

I was also able to sneak a picture with the goofball.

Me with the birthday girl....

You only get one shot with Abby, lol...

Baby David.... he is getting SOOO big. He was completely fascinated by all the action.

Meg and I

We had a minor blowing out the candles incident, but it was soon forgotten. Emma chose a Tinkerbell Rice Krispy Treat cake.

YUM!! Super tasty.

The girl loves Princesses and loves shoes. Looks like she got the perfect present!

Imagine that.... Miss Jessica got her an Aurora Dress.

I'm telling you. She LOVES shoes.
Her 2nd words (after "PINK SHOES!!!!") were, "Don't wear them, Abby!"

Abby clearly obeyed, lol....

"Nana" got her a baby complete with a carrier and clothes. This was the subject of a couple of battles, lol.

Abby, taking off with the baby....

YES! Home-free! Well, until Emma caught her, lol.

Thanks, Mia and Don, for letting me be a part of your children's lives! Meg and James.... I love that I already feel a part of David's!

Crazy Weekend #2 (in Canada)....

Last weekend (5/8 - 5/10), my brother was in a wedding in Buffalo, NY. So, the rest of the family went, too.

We also made our way up to Niagra. It was a fairly quick trip, but fun, nonetheless.

Our view from the hotel room....

We went on "Maid of the Mist." It's a boat ride that takes you right to the base of the Falls (or, as close as you can get).

Megan with her poncho.

Me with mine (in front of the American Falls)

Mom and Jeff......

The American side of the Falls....

Yeah, I couldn't get a picture of the Canadian side. I was too busy being blown around by the "rain" and wind. Our Captain took us right into the action.... I could barely see, much less take pictures, lol. It was a lot of fun, though.

We also took a drive up to Toronto. This is one of the views from the top of the CN Tower.

Their baseball stadium has a retractable roof! It was closed when we got up there. Then, it started opening up!

They also have a glass bottom floor. As you can see, I didn't really trust it......

Jeff clearly had full trust in the glass.

They have a place where you can go outside. Excuse my windblown look. It was really friggin windy, lol.

My family loves to go on Duck Tours whereever they go. If you've never heard of them... their tour buses that can also go in water. So, you get the standard tour of the city, then they splash into the river/lake and you get a tour of the harbour. SO fun.

Well, Toronto has Hippo Tours!

A glass view of Henrietta Hippo.....

Thursday, May 14, 2009

SERIOUSLY?!?! This is why I love Grey's.

I just finished the season finale of Grey's Anatomy and I'm still completely floored.

Two whole hours lead up to the last three minutes. You think everything is wrapping up SO nicely for a warm and fuzzy summer. You're sad because it's going to take 4 more months for you to get another dose of your favorite Seattle Gracians. But, it's ok, because things are coming together.

THEN, it all gets flipped upside down, turned on its ear, and all other crazy phrases in the last 3 minutes. All you can do is just stare at the screen in shocked amazement (with a few gasps and screams thrown in).

I seriously don't even know what just happened.

Shonda Rimes is a friggin genius.

When will September be here, again?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I don't want Adam Lambert in the finals.

There. I said it.

I can't say that I hate him. I'd love to see him on Broadway.

I'm just freaking sick of him and his screeching.

Kris Allen, however, has won my heart. I've enjoyed him this whole time. However, his version of "Heartless" has completely blown me away.

I've watched it 5 times 8 times.

I intend on downloading it on ITunes as soon as it's available.

I haven't voted for anyone on American Idol in 2 years. I've spent the last 20 minutes voting constantly.... not even listening to the man tell me "Thanks for voting for contestant two" because I want to hear "Heartless" again.

And, in the last 5 minutes, since the show ended on one of the time zones, I've gotten nothing but a busy signal. I'm getting a sick pleasure out of it because I hope it means he'll make it into the finals.

I realize this may mean that I need to seek psychiatric help, but that can wait until the Results Show tomorrow.

Crazy Weekend #1....

Saturday (5/2) was a busy day. I started off by spending it with two of my favorite girls, Emma and Abby. Seriously, spending time with children is one of the simplest (and most intense, lol) pleasures in life.

Then, I ran home, showered, changed, and then went to the American Red Cross Bash. We sponsor the event, so we got a table. Eric, Melissa and her boyfriend, Jesse and his wife, Sharhonda, and Leigh-Anne all had a great time. There wasn't enough wine or cheesecake for our liking, lol, but we had a good time, anyway.

Sunday, I got up, went to church, and went to lunch with my family.

Then, two of my besties came into town! Kat and April are two of my "college" friends. I hadn't seen them in over two years and was ESTATIC to see them. They'd gone on a girls' weekend to Naples and drove up to hang out with me before flying out of Tampa on Monday.

Mainly, we just talked and caught up. We went out to dinner, watched a movie, and then talked some more, lol. It was a short visit.... too short... but, it was a wonderful visit. I love spending time with people who totally get me, lol.

Kat and I
April and I

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

6th Grade Crush Re-visited

Back in the 6th grade, I was in love with a young man named Devon Sawa.
Remember him?....

Little Giants


Now and Then

He was like a step below Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Jonathan Brandis. However, he was #1 in my little 11 year old heart (well.... #2.... Justin of MMC was #1...).

Friday (5/1), I was at the station very early and this good-looking guy came to the side door. I let him in (he was there for an interview... most come in that way). Melissa came running into the studio I was in to talk about the cute boy who was gracing our halls (we don't get a lot of them, obviously).

She told me he was one of the actors in the film that's currently shooting in town. I asked which one and she said, "Devon Sawa."

SERIOUSLY?!?! Hello, I used to read all about his favorite flavor of ice cream in Tiger Beat and Bop! I giggled over his bare booty scene in Now and Then.

He was super nice. He went on two stations, talking about the film, etc.

Granted, he's like D-List now and I hadn't thought about him in about 14 years. That's not the point. The point is.... when I was 11, I desperately wanted to meet him. And, I eventually did, lol.

This picture does him no justice, at all. I, of course, hadn't put on make-up, yet.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cirque to Country to Compromise... what a week...

What a week! Lots of activity....

Wednesday, the station got some tickets to Saltimbanco, one of the traveling shows from Cirque du Soleil. It was the Media Night, so a ton of people from the station went. I took my mom, stepsister Megan, and Marylou.

From what I've heard, it's not as big as some of the stationary shows, but it was still breathtaking.....

SERIOUSLY?!?! I wish there was a complete picture of this, because there were about 16 people hanging onto the poles like this.....

These guys were phenomenal. Well... all of the performers were. The super-human strength and flexibility blew my mind.

One of the coolest things about Cirque was that EVERY person on the stage had a part. A performer in the back corner of the stage would be sitting there, seemingly doing nothing. But, if you watched them long enough, you'd see that every movement they made was choreographed.

Thursday, we had another concert at The Music Ranch. This time, it was Craig Morgan. He put on a good show, but man, those concerts are tiring.

Other co-workers were like, "Relax. Have a good time." What they don't get is that while they're chilling and hanging out... I'm making sure that things get done, lol. I'm still at work.

Craig Morgan and Flat Stanley. Our station manager's grand-daughter was doing a school project. So, she included Craig, lol.....

Me with Craig.....

J, M, and R... introducing Craig and thanking everyone for coming...

He put on a good show. I do enjoy his music. I just was really preoccupied and couldn't enjoy myself as much as I wanted.....

Friday was also really interesting. I asked "The Guy" what he was doing for lunch. He didn't give me an answer. Then, two of my friends at work asked me out. Well.... I said yes. Because, really, I deserve a straight answer.

Then, after the plans had been made, "The Guy" comes bouncing into my office wanting to know when "we" were going to lunch, because he needed to plan out the rest of his day. I told him that I was sorry.... I didn't realize he wanted to go to lunch. I was asked to go with others.

"However, you're welcome to come with us."

Here's the rub.... one of the two people I was going with and "The Guy" don't get along. They both think the other is immature... player... too sarcastic... can't have a serious conversation... blah, blah, blah. "It's not that I don't like him. He doesn't like me." BOTH of them have made this statement. I know that they are each wrong about the other, but they won't listen.

Well, "The Guy" tried to bow out. He said he'd just go home and eat there, by himself. "When I eat a meal, I want peace and quiet or I want a good conversation. I don't think I'll get that with him being there."

I flat out told him to play nicely in the sandbox. "Well... I'll go downstairs and see how he is toward me. Then, I'll decide."

*sigh* I'm dealing with 4 year olds.

Ten minutes later, I went downstairs and they were chatting like old chums! Huh?

Anyway, we went and all had a good time. My friend.... who would have preferred "The Guy" to not be there... gave me a few "looks". Overall, though, he was great and accepted the fact that I wanted TG there. "The Guy" went out on a limb and went out with someone he'd rather not deal with. He was nervous and stuck pretty close to me (literally and figuratively)... in fact, I think he was more nervous than when he came over to eat dinner with my family. But, they both lived.

I got my cake and ate it, too. My friend is afraid that if (and I mean I-F) I get together with TG, I'll drop him. I say that I-F we get together, it won't happen. I feel I was able to make my way towards proving that.
I still don't know if this is going anywhere. I still am praying and need prayer. But, I felt that progress was made.

This weekend has been equally busy, but this post is miles long, as it is. I highly doubt anyone will make it this far, lol.

So, expect a weekend post, eventually.