Thursday, May 28, 2009

The past week in review (boy, included)...

Beyond the tornados, here's a brief recap of the past 7 or so days.....
  • Spent 30 minutes on the phone with "The Guy" talking about American Idol, work, our parents, our wardrobes, kids, and Play Doh
  • Was asked by a 5th grader if "The Guy" and I were married because apparently we sound like we are when we talk to each other
  • Went to lunch with "The Guy" and a friend.... he drove us by his childhood home (not really sure why, but it was cute)
  • Was then blown off by "The Guy" and got pissed off
  • Spent the evening with my Evan, Emma, and Abby
  • Worked a lot this weekend
  • Was re-charmed by "The Guy".... still need prayer
  • Saw "Night at the Museum 2".... LOVED it!
  • Went to Orlando with the family to spend time at City Walk (they went to Universal the next day... I worked)
  • Worked, a lot
  • Watched the first 3 episodes of "So You Think You Can Dance"!!!!!!!!
  • Started going back to the YMCA.... where I've been spending quality time with the Elliptical machines!!!

Also! I took an early lunch to go visit my girls at CPE. I worked with them for so long (while I was a sub). While I do love my job and my coworkers.... I really miss them! It was so nice to sit in the good ole Teacher's Lounge and chill for half an hour. They are such great ladies..... HYSTERICAL, too!

*** Special shout-out to Susan!! Thanks for the yell when you walked into the room... I felt like a rock star, again, lol.


Emily said...

Ah sounds like such a fun week!! I'll keep praying things go well with the boy!!

Tony and Susan said...

JESSICA BROWN!!!!! it was great to see you, too! and you ARE a rock star!