Sunday, May 31, 2009

Anal Retentiveness at its best...

Anyone that knows me, knows that my cell phone and I have a special bond. I am never without it. I seriously wouldn't know what to do if it wasn't with me.

In fact, just last week, I left my phone at Mia's house for a mere 7 hours (overnight). I was there first thing in the morning to retrieve it. I knocked on the door and Abby came running, "Miss Jessica, Miss Jessica! I have your phone! You left your phone here!!!"

Needless to say, I am very glad I am from the era of Cell Phones.

Two years ago, I got this beauty.....

The LG enV. It immediately opened up my world to the glories of texting. It was once compared to a pillow. It's just so cute and rounded and silver (also the color of my car).

While all of my family members have been through at least THREE other phones since I got mine, I kept the enV. A few scratches, but otherwise, it's still in great shape.

However, unfortunately, cell phones aren't made to last these days. The battery was quickly dying on me and several buttons were wearing out. I'd been fighting it for over a month, but I decided yesterday that it was time to get a new one.

I went to the Verizon store (FYI.... I flipping LOVE their service) and started looking at my options.

There was the Blackberry brand.... my mom and stepdad have those. After trying to use them to surf the web, I just don't think I could handle the touch screen.

My stepsister and a coworker have the Voyage. My mom used to have one. It's ok, but I just wasn't thrilled.

My brother has the enV2. That was the first one I looked at.

Then, there was the enV3, which apparently just came out on Friday. It took me a few minutes, but I decided this one was the one for me. My mother was laughing at me.... when it comes to cell phones and day planners, I am incredibly intense when making a decision.

Behold my new best friend (ignore the maroon... I went for slate blue)....

I already think I love it. There are a few minor annoyances that I have to get used to, but overall, I *really* like it.

One thing that I'm getting used to is the "Space" key on the keyboard. It's in the middle of the keypad, instead of having one on either side (by your thumbs). Also, the "Shift" and "Symbol" keys are down a row from current keypads. It takes a minute to acclimate.

I actually practiced texting several times on the display phone before deciding. After the 5th test, I found myself being able to do it.

Another downside is the "Groups." While the original enV and my previous phones allowed for as many in a group as you want, this only allows 10. Oh well, I don't actually use groups.... I just catagorized my contacts.

Which brings me to the reason I don't like to change phones very often. I'm obsessive about organizing my contacts and ringtones. Every group has its own ringtone. I think carefully when deciding how to assign ringtones. And, once they're assigned on a phone, I rarely change it. On occasion, I may add a new Default tone, but the groups remain the same. It takes a nice amount of time to get everything set the way I want it.

Some people get annoyed by this.... I find it to be very helpful.

If my mom calls, I hear Mama Said.

If my family calls, I hear Hot n Cold (used to be We Are Family on the other phone).

If one of my friends call, I hear This One's For The Girls.

If someone from work calls, I hear Better Life.

If "The Guy" calls, I hear Tailor Made (I realize this is a bit sappy and silly.... I still do it).

If any of my "online" friends call, I hear the theme to General Hospital (don't judge me).

When Heidi calls, I used to hear Rich Girl (if we were rich, we'd live nearer to one another), but we're discussing a new one for the new phone.

If I get a voicemail or text message, I hear Please Mr. Postman.

I had a few more songs for various other groups on my other phone, but they really weren't needed. I may or may not add to it later on... we'll see.

Yes, this is nuts. I'm ok with it.

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The Pink Tutu said...

Hey there! I've been meaning to write you back, but I was at Citywalk the same night you were. Night at the Museum was awesome - definitely see it!