Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cirque to Country to Compromise... what a week...

What a week! Lots of activity....

Wednesday, the station got some tickets to Saltimbanco, one of the traveling shows from Cirque du Soleil. It was the Media Night, so a ton of people from the station went. I took my mom, stepsister Megan, and Marylou.

From what I've heard, it's not as big as some of the stationary shows, but it was still breathtaking.....

SERIOUSLY?!?! I wish there was a complete picture of this, because there were about 16 people hanging onto the poles like this.....

These guys were phenomenal. Well... all of the performers were. The super-human strength and flexibility blew my mind.

One of the coolest things about Cirque was that EVERY person on the stage had a part. A performer in the back corner of the stage would be sitting there, seemingly doing nothing. But, if you watched them long enough, you'd see that every movement they made was choreographed.

Thursday, we had another concert at The Music Ranch. This time, it was Craig Morgan. He put on a good show, but man, those concerts are tiring.

Other co-workers were like, "Relax. Have a good time." What they don't get is that while they're chilling and hanging out... I'm making sure that things get done, lol. I'm still at work.

Craig Morgan and Flat Stanley. Our station manager's grand-daughter was doing a school project. So, she included Craig, lol.....

Me with Craig.....

J, M, and R... introducing Craig and thanking everyone for coming...

He put on a good show. I do enjoy his music. I just was really preoccupied and couldn't enjoy myself as much as I wanted.....

Friday was also really interesting. I asked "The Guy" what he was doing for lunch. He didn't give me an answer. Then, two of my friends at work asked me out. Well.... I said yes. Because, really, I deserve a straight answer.

Then, after the plans had been made, "The Guy" comes bouncing into my office wanting to know when "we" were going to lunch, because he needed to plan out the rest of his day. I told him that I was sorry.... I didn't realize he wanted to go to lunch. I was asked to go with others.

"However, you're welcome to come with us."

Here's the rub.... one of the two people I was going with and "The Guy" don't get along. They both think the other is immature... player... too sarcastic... can't have a serious conversation... blah, blah, blah. "It's not that I don't like him. He doesn't like me." BOTH of them have made this statement. I know that they are each wrong about the other, but they won't listen.

Well, "The Guy" tried to bow out. He said he'd just go home and eat there, by himself. "When I eat a meal, I want peace and quiet or I want a good conversation. I don't think I'll get that with him being there."

I flat out told him to play nicely in the sandbox. "Well... I'll go downstairs and see how he is toward me. Then, I'll decide."

*sigh* I'm dealing with 4 year olds.

Ten minutes later, I went downstairs and they were chatting like old chums! Huh?

Anyway, we went and all had a good time. My friend.... who would have preferred "The Guy" to not be there... gave me a few "looks". Overall, though, he was great and accepted the fact that I wanted TG there. "The Guy" went out on a limb and went out with someone he'd rather not deal with. He was nervous and stuck pretty close to me (literally and figuratively)... in fact, I think he was more nervous than when he came over to eat dinner with my family. But, they both lived.

I got my cake and ate it, too. My friend is afraid that if (and I mean I-F) I get together with TG, I'll drop him. I say that I-F we get together, it won't happen. I feel I was able to make my way towards proving that.
I still don't know if this is going anywhere. I still am praying and need prayer. But, I felt that progress was made.

This weekend has been equally busy, but this post is miles long, as it is. I highly doubt anyone will make it this far, lol.

So, expect a weekend post, eventually.

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