Sunday, May 17, 2009

A sprinkle of Pixie Dust

My most favorite Emma in the whole wide world turned 4, so it was PAR-TY time, lol. Nothing is an ego boost like walking into a big room and having a child run to you yelling "MISS JESSICA!!!!!!!!" I got the longest, best hug from the birthday girl.

The party was supposed to be at a park. However, rain was scheduled, so it was moved inside. The children didn't seem to mind, at all.....

Besides hula hoops, they also had band instraments to play with, lol.

I'm not quite sure what Don was doing all dressed up. The kids enjoyed it, though.

The hula hoopin, luau attending, cowgirl.

Angelface Abby.... she was on that thing for like 5 minutes. Then, I tried to take a picture and she kept falling off, lol. I was at the party for about 10 minutes before she realized I was there. As soon as she saw me, she came running. Big hugs from her, too.

From the super cool 8 year old? "Oh, hey Miss Jessica."

LOL, he's too cool to run and hug. I was able to sneak a couple, though. Here he is, showing off his mad hula hoop skills.

I was also able to sneak a picture with the goofball.

Me with the birthday girl....

You only get one shot with Abby, lol...

Baby David.... he is getting SOOO big. He was completely fascinated by all the action.

Meg and I

We had a minor blowing out the candles incident, but it was soon forgotten. Emma chose a Tinkerbell Rice Krispy Treat cake.

YUM!! Super tasty.

The girl loves Princesses and loves shoes. Looks like she got the perfect present!

Imagine that.... Miss Jessica got her an Aurora Dress.

I'm telling you. She LOVES shoes.
Her 2nd words (after "PINK SHOES!!!!") were, "Don't wear them, Abby!"

Abby clearly obeyed, lol....

"Nana" got her a baby complete with a carrier and clothes. This was the subject of a couple of battles, lol.

Abby, taking off with the baby....

YES! Home-free! Well, until Emma caught her, lol.

Thanks, Mia and Don, for letting me be a part of your children's lives! Meg and James.... I love that I already feel a part of David's!


The Pink Tutu said...

Oh how precious! What a fun party.

Emily said...

ahh what a fun weekend and birthday party! soo cute:) Emma looks soo excited with the princess dress! I love it:)