Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Crazy Weekend #1....

Saturday (5/2) was a busy day. I started off by spending it with two of my favorite girls, Emma and Abby. Seriously, spending time with children is one of the simplest (and most intense, lol) pleasures in life.

Then, I ran home, showered, changed, and then went to the American Red Cross Bash. We sponsor the event, so we got a table. Eric, Melissa and her boyfriend, Jesse and his wife, Sharhonda, and Leigh-Anne all had a great time. There wasn't enough wine or cheesecake for our liking, lol, but we had a good time, anyway.

Sunday, I got up, went to church, and went to lunch with my family.

Then, two of my besties came into town! Kat and April are two of my "college" friends. I hadn't seen them in over two years and was ESTATIC to see them. They'd gone on a girls' weekend to Naples and drove up to hang out with me before flying out of Tampa on Monday.

Mainly, we just talked and caught up. We went out to dinner, watched a movie, and then talked some more, lol. It was a short visit.... too short... but, it was a wonderful visit. I love spending time with people who totally get me, lol.

Kat and I
April and I

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