Monday, August 25, 2014

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Yep, another year has passed and I've climbed one more rung up the age ladder!

I'm 31.... Cuh-Raze-EEEE.

I have fun posts surrounding this weekend and today. I want to document all the special ways my loved ones have celebrated me. And, I WILL do that, this week.

I just read back my post from last year and it's sort of neat to remember where I was at that point. A lot has changed, in so many great ways.

More than that, I think back to five years ago on my birthday. The growth I see in myself sort of astounds me.

Anyway, I have lots of things running through my head that I *NEED* to jot down. So many things. However, for now, it must wait. My boss just left and so I'm taking that as a sign that I can, too. I have some more celebrating to do!!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Because I trust Kelly more than dating websites......

Kelly is at it again and so am I ;)

So, here is where I try to convince you that I'd be great for you or the guy you are "trying to help out." I seriously hate this part. I always sound lame and cheesy, lol.

Anyways, as my sidebar says, I'm a native Florida girl who is fine staying here forever, but wouldn't be opposed to uprooting, someday. I've spent the last ten years working really hard to succeed in school and then my career. Now, I'm ready to focus more on the personal side of things. Only problem? When you've spent ten years on your career, you find yourself only meeting people within your work circle.... hence, trying Kelly's little link-up ;)

As I write this, I am 30. However, if you read this on Monday the 25th, I will be 31. 

I'd consider myself quirky, rather than weird. If you've watched that show 'New Girl' with Zoey Deschanel, I'm a tamer version of 'Jess' (or so people say). I also find myself relating to ridiculous things that Mindy says in 'The Mindy Project.' Like, there are times where I will say to myself, "OMG. Those words have some out of my mouth before!"

I like to laugh and will occasionally break into dance in random places. I'm pretty sarcastic, but no one ever realizes it (apparently, I have an innocent face and a sweet tone). In some instances, I'm totally organized and anal.... in others, I really couldn't care less.

I try to be honest and upfront (when I'm not being sarcastic).

I like music, movies, Disney (yes, Disney), and spending time with my friends/family.

During the summer, I and my immediate+extended family have a very serious addiction to 'Big Brother.' It is our goal to have a member of our family on the show, at some point. Anyone who complains about or mocks the show in any way is excommunicated until it's over. Just a fair warning, lol.

Over the past couple of years, I've gotten into running. I do it, but I tend to complain about it until I have a race and actually finish. Then, I am happy and will be proud for about a week until I complain about it, again. 

What am I looking for?

A guy who loves Jesus, knows His love, and knows that we are all very flawed humans (especially me).

I want someone funny, relaxed, responsible, and caring. Someone who is ok with the occasional random dance (you don't have to join... you just can't pretend not to know me, lol). Someone who likes kids (and maybe wants some of their own).

My job is very social and so are my coworkers, so I'd really prefer not to be involved with a hermit. However, I also want someone who is ok with having a 'couch potato day' every so often.

Seriously, if you do any sort of tobacco.... no thanks.

That's about all I can think of at the moment :)

If you think there is a match in the making or you have any other questions, feel free to comment or email me!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Convos with H&J

Hi, people! So, I did so well posting in July and then I went on vacation.

Yeah. Almost a month later, I'm back on zee ole blog.

Let's start back with a quickie, ok?

My mom, my cousin Heidi, and I are planning my sister's baby shower. Well, we're also trying to plan with HER mom, too, but she's been a bit MIA. That's another story.

Anyway, we've all been out of town over the past several weekends and the shower is in a few weeks. On Saturday, Heidi decided to go get a few things for her part of the shower and invited us along. This was me texting her on my mom's phone........

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Blog Everyday: TBT


July 24th: Throwback Thursday - Breakout the baby pictures and start looking up how much a gallon of gas used to cost. We want to know what the world was like the year you were born.

So, the above clearly was a bit after I was born, but it is one of my favorite childhood pictures...... and, one of the few that I have converted to digital.

Anyway........ 1983 ....

All info thanks to

Stamp - 20 cents
Gallon of Gas - $1.24
Dozen Eggs - 86 cents
Gallon of Milk - $2.24

Top Album - 1999 by Prince
Top Movie Money Maker - 'Return of the Jedi'
Top TV Show - 'Dallas'

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Blog Everyday: Currents


July 23rd: Currently (reading, writing, listening, thinking, smelling, wishing, hoping, wearing, wanting, loving, needing) - Tell us what you are currently doing when it comes to these topics.

Reading - I just finished a couple books and am looking for a nice beachy read for my upcoming cruise. Any suggestions?!

Writing - This post ;)..... No, really.... I know a lot of people find Blog Challenges annoying and will skip over them. Totally cool. However, this has helped me get the juices flowing, again.

Listening - One of my stations, at the moment. However, on my own time, I'm obsessed with Sam Smith and Colbie Caillat's new stuff.

Thinking - About all the things I need to do for my upcoming cruise. So. Many. Things.

Smelling - Scentsy's Vanilla Bean Buttercream..... It is yum (and I typically don't like the "Cafe Corner" type scents).

Wishing - That losing 45 lbs would be easier than it is.

Hoping - That things level out a little with certain things over the next month or so.

Wearing - NY&C....... Skinnies, a camisole, and a cardigan.

Wanting - A few hours/days/weeks to just veg and catch up on all my recorded programs.

Loving - FD. I do. I just do. He's been going through some stuff lately and it's sort of brought out the love even more.

Needing - Another round with Sweat Spa. I'm tense from traveling on metro and planes this weekend. I also need a full week of no one at work being able to get a hold of me. Oh wait, that is happening SOON!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Blog Everday: Things That Make You Go Hmmmm


July 22nd: Things That Make You Go 'Hmm" - Ever think about something and just wonder why it is the way it is? Share your 'hmm' moments with us.

First off......... Yeah, I skipped yesterday. The GIFs were hard enough.... Finding GIFs to represent my day was just too stressful. Props to whomever actually completed the prompt!!

Onward and upward to things that make me go 'hmmmm'.......

.... People who drive 15 miles below the speed limit. I mean, really, they just irritate me. But, I still wonder why in the world they don't feel the need to at least go the speed limit.

.... People who do not wear deodorant. Like, I get that a lot of countries do not. I just do not understand how they can have indoor plumbing and access to deodorant (unlike 3rd world countries), yet choose to live in their own stink. I get grossed out if I don't shower right after I run. Don't they smell themselves?

.... People who like to eat their steaks rare or medium rare or medium. It looks like it is moo-ing. I can't handle it.

.... People who want to dive deep into the ocean or go into space. Like, there is major equipment that is keeping you from drowning/suffocating. And, you can get so easily lost.

.... Why the Malaysian flight still hasn't been found. It has been months. They can't even find scrap metal.

.... Why terrorists can send messages from mountains in the middle east, but I can't get a signal in an elevator.

.... How someone decides (and practices) to be an expert at a weird talent.... like crazy motorcyclists or trapeze artists.

Blog Everyday: Would You Rather?


 July 20th: Would You Rather - Ever played that game where you're given 2 choices and you HAVE to pick one? Come back for your choices later!

1. Would you rather be blind or deaf?
Deaf. It would make me sooooooooo sad to never hear music again or a child laugh, but at least I could still be more independent.
2. Would you rather be taller than you are or shorter than you are?
Taller.... I'm already 5'7", but if I were a couple inches taller I could weigh what I weigh now and look thinner. As hard of a time as I have with weight, I do not need to be any shorter.
3. Would you rather be a teenager or a senior citizen for the rest of your life?
Senior citizen. Like, in my early 60s. I know so many people in that age group who are in better shape than my 30 year old self. So, I could still be mobile and vibrant, but have the luxury of discounts.
4. Would you rather have no hands or have no legs?
Oh dear. I'll go with legs. 
5. Would you rather lose your front teeth or both of your eyebrows?
I live in fear of messing up my teeth. I will go with eyebrows. You can draw them in.
6. Would you rather eat a worm or a cockroach?
Worm. Like, it would be gross, but it would be better than a cockroach. I live in Florida. I know exactly how disgusting cockroaches are.
7. Would you rather spend a day in the Sahara or in the North Pole?
I practically live in the Sahara, so I feel I could handle it. I mean, it's only a day.
8. Would you rather have a personal chef or a personal driver?
As much as I *HATE* driving, I'm going to chef. That would be awesome. So awesome.
9. Would you rather always have to whisper or always have to shout?
Whisper. I typically talk pretty low, anyway.
10. Would you rather not be able to taste or not be able to smell?
These are linked, so if you couldn't smell, your taste would be messed up. I'll go with taste, though. Maybe I'd lose weight that way. Plus, I'd still be able to smell everything.
11. Would you rather wipe with sandpaper or with saran wrap?
Gross. I'll go with Saran Wrap.
12. Would you rather have Twitter shut down for a day or have your blog disappear for a day?
I am pretty certain I'd live without both for a day, since I don't go on both every single day. We'll say Twitter (but not during Big Brother season....).
13. Would you rather have the text of your blog screwed up or have all of your pictures be blurry?
This is a hard one. I guess pictures, as long as my personal pictures on my computer aren't blurry. I use my blog as a journal/scrapbook, so it is where I record a lot of my memories. As long as I still have my pictures elsewhere, I want my text to be readable.
14. Would you rather never be able to post a GIF or never be able to receive comments on your posts?
GIFs. I never post them and am going to have a difficult time with the next prompt.
15. Would you rather have a permanent wedgie or have the tag on your shirt constantly scratch your neck?
Itchy tag.