Thursday, August 30, 2012

HISMSV - Love Letter Murals Tour

Friday was kind of a laze around day. We did some shopping and tooling around the city, but I didn't take any pictures. Late afternoon, Megan joined up with us. We ate a yummy 'last night' dinner and then did some more driving around so that Megan could see Philly.

Saturday morning (8/11), we got up early and packed up. Before checking out, we headed over to the last tour of the week.... the Love Letter Murals Tour.

As part of the Art Initiative, an artist was commissioned to do a series of murals. The idea behind his works was to tell the story of a man trying to win back his love. All of the murals are on her train commute back and forth from work. Each mural makes a promise, declares feeling, or begs forgiveness. The series is also an ode to the artist's homecity.... Philly.

This tour was really my favorite thing we did in the city. Below are the ones I was able to get good pictures of......

As soon as the tour wrapped up, we had to get back to the hotel, check out, and make our way to the airport. And, yes, there was a debacle getting to the airport that involved us sisters ending up in the ghetto. It wasn't pretty.

We did make it to the airport, on the plane, and home. Vacation was officially over :(

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

HISMSV - Bells and Ducks

We began Thursday the 9th at Reading Terminal Market with a breakfast prepared by the Amish. Man, they make really good food.

Next on the list was a trip to see the Liberty Bell......

.... and some Visitor Center visiting.

My family loves Duck Tours. Every city we go to that has one, we do it. They are informative, corny, and fun!!!

Betsy Ross' house....

According to our tour guide, that is the building that Will Smith bought for his dad....

On the river..........

Trevor loves getting his picture taken.....

On our way back to the hotel, we came across a bridal shoot. I thought it was a beautiful and interesting shot :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

HISMSV - Train to Philly

Wednesday, August 8th was mainly a transition day. We got up, packed, and bid farewell to the Big Apple. 

Getting to the train was a bit of an issue. I've mentioned that the actual act of traveling with my family is one of my least favorite things. At airports, I get to the airport and basically say, "Peace out! I will see you on the plane!"

I love them. I do. Especially once we actually get ON the plane.

In this case, we took a train to Philly. Imagine this.... 6 people, 3 cabs, about 100 pieces of luggage, and Penn Station. Those 3 cabs managed to drop us off at 3 different entrances. It wasn't pretty, folks.

We did eventually make it onto the train and it was wonderful. I'd never been on a train like that before and it was actually a lot of fun. I wouldn't want to do a long ride, but the hour and a half ride was great!

The Megans.....

Trev..... He was chilling because he became the official luggage man. I wish we had a video of him throwing all of our bags onto the train.

Then we conked out.... at which point my mom grabbed the camera....

When we got to Philly, the older Megan had to head to work. Coincidentally, her job needed her to work in the NJ branch for two weeks. It actually worked in our favor because she wouldn't have been able to hang with us the whole time we were in NYC. Plus, it allowed her to come back on Friday afternoon, as the NJ office was only about 45 minutes from Philly.

The rest of us loaded up the rental car to head to the hotel. By loaded up, I mean LOADED. 

Trevor had two bags sitting in his lap and had us dying anytime the movement of the car made the bags shift too close to his...... jewels.

One thing I really love about Philly are all the murals throughout the city. Very pretty.

We got settled in our hotel and went for food. Our hotel was in Downtown Philly and right across the street from Reading Terminal Market. RTM is basically a GIGANTIC food court. I had such a hard time deciding what to eat every time we went.

That evening, Jeff and Trevor had a baseball game. Mom decided to go exploring. Megan and I decided to call it an early night. All the excitement of NYC for the previous days wiped us out!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

HISMSV - Last day in NYC

On our last day in NYC, we decided to do the fullout touristy thing and take a double-decker tour bus. Well, the girls did...... the boys had a Mets game.

I have done the Hop On/Hop Off in NYC about three times and I like it each time. There is never enough time in the city and it's a nice way to feel like you got a taste of everything. Plus, the older Megan had never been to NYC before our trip, so we wanted her to see the parts that we didn't get to do.

The Lincoln Center - The NYC Ballet is the building on the left. So beautiful inside.

The Apollo Theatre

The Guggenheim

We had a lot of fun on the tour. However, sometimes it was a bit nerve-wracking to be so high up.... and see just how close the bus got to the car/tree/biker in front of us.

The Megans freaking out just a bit.

We actually had to duck on this one....

This sign just made me laugh.......

The Plaza

Once the Uptown Route was over, we took a break and had lunch. As they were heading to start the Downtown Route, I headed to meet up with a friend that lives in NYC. I hadn't seen Laur in almost 7 years.... we spent two hours chatting and catching up. 

So awesome to see a friend.... I love this lady.

Sadly, we had to wrap up our time together, but we promised not to let such a long time go again before seeing one another. I caught back up with Mom and the Megans to finish up the tour.

I *heart* Radio City Music Hall.

We got back to the hotel to meet up up with my former intern C. C was with me from January until June.... then, she promptly got a job in NYC!!! I miss her dearly.... she was an awesome intern... but am so, so, so proud of her!

We went on a night tour of the city. It was a ton of fun and a first for all of us!!

Manhattan from Brooklyn

This car was next to our bus when we got off. It just amused me.

C and I.... She really was a great intern and became a great friend. I love my interns, generally, but I saw so much of myself in C.

The boys got back from their game just in time to meet us at Juniors for dinner. If you ever go to Juniors.... SHARE YOUR MEAL!!!! They are the biggest portions I've ever seen. No joke, we all sent C home with a week's worth of food.

Buddies........ C and Trev went to the same college last year. C was a senior and Trev was a freshman. Between me and the Greek life, they became friends, lol.