Wednesday, August 22, 2012

HISMSV - Remembrance and Fondue

After our Chocolate Tour, we met back up with Jeff and Trevor. We had a busy night planned....

* 6pm - Passes to visit the 9/11 Memorial
* 7ish - Travel to Hoboken
* Take a look at Carlos Bakery (even if just from the outside)
* 9:30pm - Dinner reservations at The Melting Pot in Hoboken

Note - I said planned.

The first part of the evening went off without a hitch. The memorial and the pools are gorgeous. As I was walking from one pool to the other, it hit me that I'd walked from one tower to the other once before.... Thanksgiving 2000.... and that since then, this was the first time I'd been able to stand on that ground. It was very surreal and emotional.

Siblings..... I was the only one who ever got to see the Towers in person.

Mom and Jeff

Freedom Tower

The top one made me cry.....

After we took some time to look around the memorial and pay our respects, we decided to head to Hoboken. We'd been told that we needed to take the PATH and that there was a station a few blocks away. As we were walking, this is when our plans went awry.

It very quickly started storming. Thankfully, we Floridians can recognize a downpour and took shelter under a hotel entrance to try to wait it out.

The two Megans chilling on the front steps of the hotel....

Megan and I hanging out.

Once it became clear that the storm wasn't going to pass all that quickly, we decided to take a cab to the PATH. Mom and Jeff got in one and we got in the other. The PATH station was literally two blocks away... when we got there, it was also a mass of confusion. We just so happened to get there at the time they were shutting down some of the escalators and tracks to save energy during the weekend. We also got a call that Mom and Jeff were taken to a different station.

Once we were able to get down to the tracks, we learned that the track we needed to get to Hoboken was one of the tracks shut down.

Fun times.

This is our "will we actually make it to Hoboken" picture.....

Thanks so the kindness of a couple of strangers, we figured out how to get where we needed to be. It just took more than twice the amount of time it should have taken, lol.

This is our "YAY!!! We finally made it to Hoboken!!" picture....

By the time we made it Hoboken, it was 9:30. Yeah, no Carlos' Bakery. Mom and Jeff were cooling their heels at The Melting Pot.

PS - I *LOVE* The Melting Pot.

We eventually waddled our way back to Manhattan, with a lot less issue than the previous trip, and conked out. 

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