Friday, August 24, 2012

Taking Inventory....

Tomorrow is my birthday. Holy crap, where does a year go?

Throughout the past few years, it has become kind of a tradition for me to do "Birthday Goals." I will have some new ones posted tomorrow, but for now, let's take a look at what I have (or haven't) accomplished in a year....

From August 25, 2011 to August 25, 2012, I wanted to:

1) To work on improving my relationship with the Lord. - The past year and a half has shown the most growth in my relationship with God than in my whole life. Like last year, I want to keep it up. There are so many ways that I need to improve with Him.

Honestly, I think was a bit stagnant the last six months. I haven't really fallen in my faith, but I haven't improved in some of my practices like I did for two straight years. Right now, I'm trying to tackle a spiritual hurdle. I know I will accomplish this, but I can't say that I've necessarily improved.

2) To lose weight...... again. - Yeah...... seeing as this has been my goal for the past three birthdays, I might as well keep it going. Despite my calorie/point blindness today, I've actually done really well on Weight Watchers and intend to keep it up. I'm about 30 lbs from my goal weight, so I just need to keep on trucking. 

I did lose a bit more after my birthday. Then, I maintained. I then lost about 5 more. Now, my weight has stayed the same, but my body seems to be changing. I'm down a size and my clothes look better. Maybe things are just shifting for a bit???

3) To travel to at least five different places. - This is a new one for me. In college, I traveled a LOT. I went on some of the best trips. Since then, I've tapered off. Already, I know I'll be going to Memphis, again, in January. I also have two tentative weekend trips planned. That's three, right there. I just read Kelly's Korner, today, and she was talking about singleness. She was encouraging those of us that are in the "single season" to embrace it. One of the things she said was to travel. So, I'll take her advice!! While I'm 28, I want to travel to at least five different places........ either out of the state or to a place in the state that I've never been.

A big ole CHECK!!!! I am so happy about this one!

I took a few overnight trips over the past year, but they were to places within the state that I've already been. So, I don't count those to the my goal.

However, I also took trips to the following (two were for work, but I don't care).... Savannah, Memphis, Nashville, San Francisco, New York City, and Philadelphia.

4) To write and mail at least one card a month (or more than 12 in the whole year) - I was having a discussion with a semi-coworker a few weeks ago and we were both saying how much hand-written cards mean to us. Not only hand-written, but ones you receive in the mail. I know this seems silly for a goal, but I truly believe that there is something about being able to write/mail a card that makes you a better person. I'm actually pretty good about writing cards to people, but I can think of at least two people who deserve a nice "Thank You" note, right now. It could be emailed, but I do think mailing is in order.

Also a CHECK! Like I said, I'm pretty good about writing cards. Christmas Cards, alone, are huge for me. However, over the past year, I've written and mailed well over 12 cards.

5) To actively experience at least six new things that are completely unrelated to work. - It might be volunteering..... maybe taking a class..... possibly picking up a new hobby. I honestly don't know what, but at least six times in the next twelve months, I want to do something new that isn't related to my job. That is the double-edged sword.... I get to do a lot of new and fun things. However, it's always in the wrappings of my job, so "CAREER" is in the forefront of my mind. Let's expand, shall we?

I *think* yes. Maybe? Let's see........

I started helping out with Youth Group, so that was pretty big and certainly didn't have to do with work.

I took a "Vertic@l F!tness" class for a few weeks and have plans to continue once my friend's work schedule evens out.

I auditioned for our local community theatre's production of 'Chicago.' My callback didn't result in me getting cast, but it was fun and wasn't about to work.

I finished the Couch 2 5K. That may not really count because it had to do with my weight, but it was a huge thing for me to accomplish, so I'm counting it.

I started M*tch.c*m and have managed to go on several coffee dates because of it.

That is all I can think of. Surely there have to be more, but I can't promise that. Whatever.

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Krystal said...

Happy [early] birthday! Hope it's fabulous! :D