Thursday, August 30, 2012

HISMSV - Love Letter Murals Tour

Friday was kind of a laze around day. We did some shopping and tooling around the city, but I didn't take any pictures. Late afternoon, Megan joined up with us. We ate a yummy 'last night' dinner and then did some more driving around so that Megan could see Philly.

Saturday morning (8/11), we got up early and packed up. Before checking out, we headed over to the last tour of the week.... the Love Letter Murals Tour.

As part of the Art Initiative, an artist was commissioned to do a series of murals. The idea behind his works was to tell the story of a man trying to win back his love. All of the murals are on her train commute back and forth from work. Each mural makes a promise, declares feeling, or begs forgiveness. The series is also an ode to the artist's homecity.... Philly.

This tour was really my favorite thing we did in the city. Below are the ones I was able to get good pictures of......

As soon as the tour wrapped up, we had to get back to the hotel, check out, and make our way to the airport. And, yes, there was a debacle getting to the airport that involved us sisters ending up in the ghetto. It wasn't pretty.

We did make it to the airport, on the plane, and home. Vacation was officially over :(

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LWLH said...

That is awesome, I would love to see that.