Tuesday, August 21, 2012

HISMSV - A Tour of Chocolate

On Sunday (ie, Day 2 - 8/5/12), the boys had tickets to see the Yankees play in the afternoon. The girls had an appointment for a Walking Chocolate Tour. Our original plan was to eat lunch at Chelsea Market (the meeting place of the tour).... However, we got a bit of a late start and ended up getting to the market right on time for our noon tour.

The starting point was also the first chocolate tasting......

.... We got a sample of dark hot chocolate from Jacques' Hot Chocolate Bar. It had a bit of pepper in it..... surprisingly really good!

Next stop was Li-Lac, where we got to taste a bit of 80% dark. You almost had to suck on it to get it to melt, lol.

Stop #3 was Chocolate Bar. We had a square of dark sea salt chocolate. SUPER tasty. They also had some yummy drinks.

Keep in mind that we were walking. On an empty stomach. Oh, and did I mention that the older Megan and I went to the hotel gym early that morning where we both jogged 2 miles?

Stop #4 was a bit more famous thanks to 'Sex and the City.' 

The Magnolia Bakery

The bakery smells as great as the cakes and cupcakes look....

At this stop, we got an actual chocolate, chocolate cupcake. Before this point, it was all small samples. I'm not usually a chocolate icing fan, but their chocolate buttercream icing was to die for....

If you step outside of The Magnolia Bakery and look down the side street, this is what you see. It is streets like this that I truly love about the city....

Next, we walked a mile (literally) to this adorable shop. However, we were feeling a bit ill from so much chocolate on an empty stomach, so we got our chocolate-chocolate cookies to go.

Stop #6 was at this award-winning bakery for a little bit of a straight chocolate break.

Leave the gun.....

..... Take the cannoli.

Stop #7 was this Indian Chocolate Store. We got to sample Hazelnut Orange Bark.

The walls were made out of the boxes in which they box the chocolate you buy. Very clever way of using space in such a tiny NYC store.

Some of the interesting barks you can buy....

Our 8th and final stop was this quirky shop. We tasted a couple different types of milkier chocolate.

When the tour was over, we bid our guide adieu and went looking for some actual food. As great as that tour was, we were HUNGRY, lol.

We ended up at Ben's in Soho. It was absolutely delicious!!!

Once we were full, we decided to walk back to our hotel in Times Square. It was a bit of a hike, but that is honestly my favorite way to experience the city when you have the time. We stopped in Herald Square to browse Macy's and the gigantic Old Navy across the street.

Eventually, we made it back to our hotel. We were due to meet back up with the boys for our evening plans......

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LWLH said...

Oh I would have loved loved loved to do a chocolate tour.