Monday, April 30, 2012

Sweet Brother

For those of you who don't know, my baby brother is about 9 1/2 years younger than me.

That means I changed multiple diapers, read him books, babysat him (and once took care of him when he got a bug while our parents were out on a date), I drove him to our K-12 school for two years, and I nag him to be careful like a mother hen.

We have a joke. "I am not the fun sister." I say. "If you want the fun sister, you need to go to Buffalo." (where his other half-sister and my step-sister Megan lives).

Consequently, my big sister role tends to make me "tough" in front of him. If I'm "being a normal sissy girl", then I'll be one in front of him. But, if I'm truly devastated? I try not to let him see it. When I was literally *heart-broken* over The Guy? I tried to only cry when he wasn't around.

Because I'm the big sister.... I take care of him.

Well, this weekend, I got my heart bruised. It's a long, continuing story that I'm still processing, but my heart is sad.

It was sad enough, that I couldn't contain my tears when I saw him. At first, he was alarmed, because frankly, he doesn't see me like that very often.

A few minutes later, he grabbed me into a hug and told me loved me and wanted to know why I was so sad.

I told him why and cried. Then, he told me that guys are really, really stupid. And, that none of them deserve me.

And, then, I somehow became the little sister being taken care of by a protective big brother.

I'm sure that he will be the annoying little brother in no time flat. But, for the time, it was really, really sweet.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Two Weekends, One Post

I adore Disney. You know this... Or, if you don't and you read long enough, you will!

Last Saturday, my mom really wanted to go to EPCOT's Flower and Garden Festival. It is her favorite event each year. I basically went along for the ride, but ended up having the BEST time in the Butterfly exhibit.....

This weekend, we decided to take Lydia to see the butterflies, too :)

We also decided to check out the newly reopened Dumbo. It has always been in the middle of Fantasyland and just was relocated to the still-in-progress expansion.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Musings

- Today is the most gorgeous day. Like, beyond beautiful. It *almost* makes up for the horrible winter. And, by winter, I mean "Summer in January, February, AND March."

- I am pretty sure that I could eat the exact same soup and salad combo every day at this place in town and never get tired of it. I recently tested this theory by eating it three days in a row. It was magnificent.

- We have a yummy frozen yogurt place that I just love. I am a "one flavor at a time" girl with very specific likes. I will often decide on my flavor by the current consistency.

- Anyone know how to order your pictures in a post via the Blogger app? I am trying to post from my phone, but it is putting all the pictures out of order.

- I am not hungry, but I keep thinking about food. Roasted/grilled veggies. I am in a crazy kick and wanting them badly. I guess that is better than a hot fudge sundae kick, no?

- We have fun plans for late Fall, but I need some fun plans for late Summer. Any ideas? I want to travel!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mouse, Say What?!

You know what I hate more than anything on the planet, besides child abuse and genocide?

Mice. Or, their cousins, Rats.

I hate them.

More than hate, I fear them.

Like, the "Logically, I know I'm 1,000,000,000 times bigger than them and they are more afraid of me and they can't hurt me.... However, if I see one, all logic goes out the window and I just start screaming." type of fear.

So, imagine my reaction on Monday morning when it was casually mentioned at a meeting that we have a mouse in the building.

"Um, excuse me?"

Oh, yes. A mouse. All those trees that were cut down last week in the field by our back parking lot sadly displaced the little darlings and they've found new residence in our radio station.

They moved onto other topics until I said, "Now, about this mouse situation.... We do have someone coming out to take care of it, right?"

Yes, yes, I was assured that an exterminator was already out to set glue traps. Personally, I'm more a fan of those green pellets, but whatever, I'll let them try this out. I made it clear that I. Don't. Do. Mice. and then proceeded to walk with caution wherever I went.

Fast-forward to this morning.

I get to work, get upstairs, open up my office, and then head down the hall to chat with one of the morning show teams during a break. We had a banter and then I turned to head back down the hall to my office.

And, I saw it. A mouse heading down the hall towards me.

Cue high-pitched squealing, a certain hoppy dance, flailing arms, and me running back into the studio from where I came.

Also, cue the four men I was talking to doubled over in laughter.

FD came out of another studio to see who was being killed.

Then, the sucker continued down the hall, acting as though he was coming into the very room I was currently in.

Cue more high-pitched squealing and me jumping on top of the console for safety.

The mouse ran under a door and into a dark office.

At that point, their break was over and it was time to go back on air. What was their opening line?

"Well, the mouse has been spotted and we currently have our Promotions Director, Jessica, sitting on top of our console to prove it. Pictures will be posted on FB, shortly."

Yes, they took pictures of me sitting on the console, in fear for my life, and there was nothing I could do about it.

As they were talking about other subjects, the mouse came back out of the office and ran into another studio. I may have squealed while they were on the air.

When all was said and done, our OWNER came up to the second floor to check to see if I was ok because he heard me freaking out on the radio. He also had our Ops Manager call the exterminator again, because they forgot to trap the entire upstairs.

Not cool, exterminators, not cool.

Our receptionist also called to check on me, because she could hear me screaming, downstairs and on the other side of the building.

This is not ok.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Guest Posting...... Oh, wait, Hi!

Hello everyone!

Nope, I haven't dropped off the face of the Earth. However, after an unplanned two week blogging hiatus, I'm back.... on someone else's blog, lol.

Sonja was looking for some guest bloggers for the week and I felt an assignment might just get the blogging juices flowing, again. :0)

So, while I sit and stare at a blank screen over here, check out my homage to the single ladies over there!