Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Musings

- Today is the most gorgeous day. Like, beyond beautiful. It *almost* makes up for the horrible winter. And, by winter, I mean "Summer in January, February, AND March."

- I am pretty sure that I could eat the exact same soup and salad combo every day at this place in town and never get tired of it. I recently tested this theory by eating it three days in a row. It was magnificent.

- We have a yummy frozen yogurt place that I just love. I am a "one flavor at a time" girl with very specific likes. I will often decide on my flavor by the current consistency.

- Anyone know how to order your pictures in a post via the Blogger app? I am trying to post from my phone, but it is putting all the pictures out of order.

- I am not hungry, but I keep thinking about food. Roasted/grilled veggies. I am in a crazy kick and wanting them badly. I guess that is better than a hot fudge sundae kick, no?

- We have fun plans for late Fall, but I need some fun plans for late Summer. Any ideas? I want to travel!!


LWLH said...

You could always come to PA ; )

Sonya said...

I'm laughing at your "bad winter"!

Krystal said...

GOsh today RULED even down here in swfl!