Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Alright.... here I go..

So, "The Guy" and his girlfriend broke up this weekend.

Did I ever mention that he had a girlfriend? I'll have to go back and read.

Anyway, Friday, we went out to lunch. I hinted to him that I wanted to. I thought he shot me down. He brought up his girlfriend out of thin air (to remind us that he had one). Then, several conversations later, he goes, "So, are we going to lunch?"

As surprised as I was (again, I had accepted that it wasn't happening), we went and had a great time. When it comes down to it, we are good friends. I get him and he gets me. We talk about everything and nothing.... and, it doesn't seem to get old.

Well, I came to work yesterday and found out that the girlfriend is no more.

And, I started freaking out.

Because, this means that it's "put up or shut up" time. If it doesn't happen, I need to move on. But, I want to make sure that it's what God wants. So, I need to pray and be prayed for, please.

Back to the girlfriend....

Erin from Blue-eyed Bride wrote a post that got me thinking. She was talking about running into exes and how that can be awkward.

I have the complete opposite problem. "The guy" and I are friends. We have never done anything. We've never voiced anything (which is why I'm not 100% that he even feels anything). However, there is definitely a vibe there.

I have lots of guy friends at the station. I am friends with their significant others.

However, with "The Guy".... not happening. He doesn't talk too much and I don't ask too much. When I've been around her (and the last one), it's awkward. Period. We're friends, but we aren't that kind of friends. He doesn't want to hear about me and other guys. I don't want to hear about him and other girls.

He doesn't even like to hear that I have a crush on George Clooney. And, Shane West.

So, as I'm praying and slightly freaking out, it has hit me. I've seen him through 3 (count them... 3) girlfriends since I've known him. I know he's about to break up with them about 2 months before he knows he's about to break up with them. I know when he's on his way to getting another one.

It gets weird when "a girlfriend" is around. I try to be nice and not rude. But, the fact is.... well, they pick up on it. And, no, I don't befriend them. I have no interest in being their friends.

At the same time, I refuse to not be friends with him. I would never say or do anything while he has one. He once told my mom, "I just want you to know that your daughter is the most amazing girl in the world." I should have acknowledged it and, at least, asked what it meant. I didn't, though, because he was with someone at the time.

So, while I try to respect the girlfriend and their relationship, I really don't. Because, I've seen him through 3. They're gone. I'm still here.

Does that make me a bad person?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yay for Kate!

One of my favorite shows is 'Jon and Kate Plus 8.' I think the Gosselins are the cutest family. Despite the rumors of drama, I think Jon and Kate are great parents who are doing a good job with them.

Last night, Paula found out that Kate was coming to a bookstore in town! We immediately made plans to go see her. I've read her first book.... she was there to sign her newest (2nd) book.

Paula and I got there at 3:30 (she got there at 5). The line was already outside, lol. We were about 20 people from the door. We made ourselves as comfortable as possible and chatted with the people around us.

Paula with her latest read.

SOOO excited!

Unfortunately, you couldn't get a picture *with* her. There seriously was about 2000 people there... the line was wrapped around the inside and then all the way out to the main road outside. She was very friendly, but was going through everyone as quickly as possible.

She's gorgeous! I know she had plastic surgery to help her out after all those babies.... but, HELLO, the woman has had 8 children and she looks better than me. Yeah, and I've had none, lol.

Cutest story.... a little girl about 3 or 4 asked her, "Where are your kids?".... Kate teased, "Under the table.".... The little girl's eyes got huge and she checked under the table, lol!!!

She was super nice. Even having to go quickly, she still made small talk with me as she signed. And, she was nice enough to sign one for me, one for my mom, and one for my cousin Heidi.


Yesterday (April 25th), was a rather busy day. First, I got up before the sun to attend the March for Babies. The station is the media sponsor for our county's walk, so M and I headed down there.

The bad news.... I hadn't washed my hair the night before and it was gross. So, after the walk, I rushed home, jumped in the shower, dressed quickly, and headed to the other side of town to attend the Big Brothers/Big Sister 'Bowl for Kids Sake' event. We also sponsor this and every year, we get to bowl.

Seriously, it's one of the best events we get to do. We decided to pit two different morning shows against each other. Even my step-sister, brother, and his girlfriend came down to bowl.

*Please excuse my no make-up*

E with the Geico Gecko

S, D, and P with the Geico Gecko

M also joined the fun.

E, making love to the camera, lol

S and E.... discussing their strategy

P.... going for the gold

S... our awesome receptionist

Intern "Hollywood" and D

LA and I....

M and I

E and I

S and I

D and I

Cutest picture EVER.... S's daughter

The whole gang....

Friday, April 24, 2009

I've been tagged...

Emily from Living Our Own Fairy Tale tagged me in the 8 things post. I'm going to be a complete dork and say that I'm a little excited because I've never been tagged on Blogger before, lol.

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:

1) Tomorrow's Bowl-A-Thon for Big Brothers/Big Sister
2) Sleeping in a little on Sunday
3) Thursday's concert at The Music Ranch
4) Kat and April coming to town next weekend!
5) Going out of town for a few days in May
6) May Sweeps (which then slides into my Summer Shows)
7) Heidi and her family coming to town later this year!!!
8) Summer concerts (NKOTB, Kenny Chesney, Rascal Flatts, Brad Paisley!)

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

1) Went to work
2) Brushed my teeth (and flossed)
3) Went out to lunch with Eric and Melissa
4) Went shopping with Eric for new work shirts
5) Put 2 points on the Drama Board
6) Went to a remote
7) Watched 'Grey's Anatomy'
8) Gave "The Guy" his sunglasses back (we were flirting to a HS level... I stole them... he let me keep them for two weeks... I do realize 6th graders do this... however, let me tell you that it's still fun when you're 25)

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

1) Lose another 30-40 lbs
2) Find more time and energy to work out more (which would help #1)
3) Travel Italy
4) Find Prince Charming (or for him to realize he's found me... whichever)
5) Be on a soap opera (and be a Rockette)
6) See my friends more
7) Add about 4 more hours to my day
8) Read a book (I don't have time)

8 Shows I Watch:

1) Grey's Anatomy
2) Brothers and Sisters
3) The Mentalist
4) American Idol
5) Big Brother (love the summer for this reason)
6) So You Think You Can Dance (double love the summer for this reason)
7) Desperate Housewives
8) Private Practice

Now I'm supposed to tag 8 people:

Bryn from Bryn Alexandra
Jess from Double J
Mrs. Newlywed from Misadventures of a Newlywed

Monday, April 20, 2009

Melted Butter, Marylou, and a Mouse

Thank You. You are the best.

That's all it takes and I'm friggin melted butter.

"The guy" emailed that to me last night, in response to an email I'd sent him with a lead on a some work. I totally get that it's a completely nice and innocent response. I get that "you are the best" is something that people say 100 times a day to 100 different people and doesn't mean you actually are the best.

Still, I got little tiny butterflies when I read it.

Clearly, I am far-gone and need prayer, lol. Please keep praying that whatever this is will work itself out and I'll be ok with the outcome.

Anyway, besides my schoolgirl craziness, I had a great weekend. Saturday was work and then my newfound like of Zac Efron.

Sunday, we went to church and then Marylou came over for lunch. Marylou was my tap teacher from the time I was little and like my 2nd mom. We taught together for years, until the studio finally closed at the beginning of the year. We hadn't seen one another since before Christmas (when the studio went dark for the holidays).

It wasn't until I saw her that I realized how much I missed her. She ate with the family and then sat for hours, just chatting and catching up. Marylou has always been someone I can tell anything to. She's been one of my biggest cheerleaders and supporters. I didn't want her to leave, but when she did, I felt so great about the visit.

Later that evening, my mom, stepdad, and I were watching Desperate Housewives, when a teeny tiny mouse scurried across the floor.

That's right, a MOUSE.

Let me go on the record.... I. hate. rodents.

It was smaller than Despereaux. It was a baby that probably got lost from its mother. It literally couldn't hurt a flea.

I wanted it dead.

My mother thought that this small little thing was a salamander. I don't know how she confused a mouse with a salamander, but she thought it was one. She'd bought little glue traps to trap the little salamander and then set it free.

Well, it was a mouse that was salamander size.

She and my stepdad quickly got out the traps, put a dab of peanut butter on them, and then put them around the room. I stayed where I was, frozen and watching to make sure it didn't go anywhere.

Then, I saw it again. It went AROUND one of the traps. It was headed towards me, so I did what any self-respecting 25 year old woman would do. I jumped up on the couch and ran along the couch until I no longer had a couch to stand on. Then, I ran and jumped up on the kitchen counter. My mother did the same.

My poor step-father (who just wanted to watch Brothers and Sisters) defended our honor by carrying a flashlight and a broom. He looked all over the room. He didn't want to kill this small creature who just so happened to happen upon our living room.

Then, I saw it. It was under the media stand, stuck to a trap. My mother and I vacated the premesis, while Jeff disposed of Despereaux.

Sorry, little mouse. You came to visit the wrong house.

We then continued on with our evening.

I might have had a glass of wine after that.

Disclaimer - My house is not a disgusting pigsty. It's clean, I promise. We clean it all the time and we take out the trash. There isn't food lying around or anything.... it's clean. We just so happen to live extremely close to a big field. Also, the house next door (which has been empty for almost a full year after it was built) just got moved into last week. I'm pretty sure that might have something to do with this mouse trying to take residence in our house. I promise my house is clean. AND... we left out traps in case Despereaux brought friends. There haven't been any.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I think I actually like Zac Efron now

There, I said it.

I'm one who actually remembers Zac from Summerland. He wasn't very good in it.

Then, came the High School Musical phenomenon. Despite their cheesiness, the cast did a good job in all three. But, still, I didn't see what made him so great. He wasn't bad. Just not stellar, imo.

Hairspray.... he was good. Yet, again, I wasn't on the Zac Efron train. He was finally starting to show that he could handle more than his comfort zone (HSM), but still didn't prove himself to me.

Then, I went to see 17 Again tonight. I don't find Matthew Perry to be hot, per se. However, I find him hysterical. From Friends to Fools Rush In to Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip... I just enjoy watching him.

After watching this movie, I finally feel that Zac Efron has some chops. He flawlessly filled in as the younger Perry. I actually enjoyed it and bought it.

That's it. I'm finally on the train.

Ok... I'll take the good girl status

So, I know it bugs me when I'm called "a good girl" "the girl next door" or "All-American girl." I've also been called prudish.

I've decided that I'll take that over being called the exact opposite.

This week, it has come to light that a girl I work with has - ahem - been very friendly with five men we work with. We do not work in a big building, people. She apparently has been friends with all the single ones that exist in the company. Now, granted, three of them are "she said"... the other two are "he said." And, one of the "gentlemen" has pictures to prove it.

Call me a prude. Go ahead. I'm fairly shocked, lol.

I guess they're all adults and can do what they want. I'm just surprised that a young woman would jeopardize her reputation in a company this small. Not only that... she brags about the three. She's unaware that the other two are telling tales (or proving it).

The next time someone calls me "a good girl", I promise I will post a thankful prayer about it. Because I'd much rather be called that then what this other girl is being called.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend Recap

Happy Easter!

Today is such a great day! Bunnies, colors, great food aside, this is a day filled with the greatest love of all. The day that Jesus rose from the dead.... dying so that we may live. I feel so blessed to know the true meaning of Easter.

Weekend rewind.....

After my great day at Universal, I headed over to Meg and James' house for dinner. They have a beautiful little baby, David. I couldn't wait to go over and see the little guy. We talked, played with the baby, talked, ate some dinner, talked, and then ate dessert. It was so great.

I had such a great time that I forgot to get out the camera to try to snap some pictures of David at 5 3/4 months. He's so stinkin cute.

Thanks Meg and James for a wonderful evening!! I love you guys!

Saturday, I joined E for a remote from the YMCA. They were having Easter egg hunts. We hung out for a while there. Once it was over, we went to lunch. He encouraged me regarding "the guy." Plus, he's just great, so I had a good time.

I went to go find some shoes for my Easter sundress. On E's suggestion, I went to Rack Room (I'd planned to go to Payless) and found exactly what I was looking for!

With shoes in hand, I treated myself to a mani and pedi. I swear, a good mani/pedi is further proof that God is love.

Then, I got to go over and chill with three of my favorite people ever.... Evan, Emma, and Abby. Their parents had date night, while we had Miss Jessica night. I seriously love those children. They were SO excited about Easter, so getting them to bed was actually easy.... Get to bed so the Easter bunny can come!

I got great girl talk in with their mom Mia (Megs sister.... I love that family deeply) once she got home. She's the big sister I don't have.

This morning, I got up early, prettied myself up, and headed to church. After an awesome.... truly AWESOME... service, I went home. A few of my friends from work don't have family in town, so they came over for Easter dinner. We had a great dinner with lots of laughs and friends.

Overall, a fantastic weekend!

Happy Easter everyone!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Live from Universal!

Seriously, this is one of those days that I absolutely love my job!

We did a huge promotion with Universal Mardi Gras and part of it included broadcasting live from Universal. As Promotions Director, I got to come.

So, I got up extra early and headed over. I've been having a blast all day!

B and J from Universal HOOKED US UP. J and J, looking at the spread.

D and I

J, live on the air. The coolest thing was them playing our station in the streets right outside the studio, lol.

Me, cheesing it up.

J and I, in the studio. This place is like the creme de la creme of studios, lol. Their control board actually moves up and down on hydraulics.

Three super stars.... J, Marilyn, and Myself, lol

Winnie, J, and Woody

Winnie, Myself, and Woody

I love Curious George, lol.

Two of these aren't like the others.... two of these just don't belong, lol.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

So, is it ok that I love Edward and not Bella?

Because I didn't. At all.

I read the series a few months ago and LOVED it. I will admit that I enjoyed the last 2 books, better than the first.

But, the movie? I'm having trouble with and it all has to do with Bella. I just didn't like Kristen Stuart in the role. I totally get the book to movie issue.... the book is always better (except in case of Jaws and The Godfather). There was no way that a movie would encompass a book like Twilight. I do think they could have done a bit better, but overall it was a good job.

I just didn't like Bella.

Other happenings this week?

I worked a lot. Thursday was a really long day and Friday wasn't much better. Things seem to be progressing with "the guy." This week has been just as interesting as last week. But, I don't know.

We'll see. I'm really trying to lay it to God. When I got the opportunity to apply for my job, I really prayed that God would open the door, if I were meant to be there. If not, I knew I'd be sad and disappointed, but I wanted to be ok.

That's where I am, right now with him. Or, at least trying to be. I think I'm getting signals that we may have something, but I'm trying to be realistic about it. It may not work out and I'll have to be ok with it. Please just pray that God will help me, no matter what the outcome.

I'll have to post about Friday night. It was fun.

Last night, I went out to dinner with Dave and Bridget from work (I work with Dave... Bridget is his wife). Then, I went over to their house and we watched "Twilight" (which is where I decided I don't like Bella in the movie). Well, B and I watched it. Dave tried for about 10 minutes and was done.

Then, I stayed their until 3:45 am talking with Bridget. I poured my heart out about so much (including the guy) and she was so encouraging. It was wonderful. She doesn't read this blog, but I wanted to thank her, anyway.