Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yay for Kate!

One of my favorite shows is 'Jon and Kate Plus 8.' I think the Gosselins are the cutest family. Despite the rumors of drama, I think Jon and Kate are great parents who are doing a good job with them.

Last night, Paula found out that Kate was coming to a bookstore in town! We immediately made plans to go see her. I've read her first book.... she was there to sign her newest (2nd) book.

Paula and I got there at 3:30 (she got there at 5). The line was already outside, lol. We were about 20 people from the door. We made ourselves as comfortable as possible and chatted with the people around us.

Paula with her latest read.

SOOO excited!

Unfortunately, you couldn't get a picture *with* her. There seriously was about 2000 people there... the line was wrapped around the inside and then all the way out to the main road outside. She was very friendly, but was going through everyone as quickly as possible.

She's gorgeous! I know she had plastic surgery to help her out after all those babies.... but, HELLO, the woman has had 8 children and she looks better than me. Yeah, and I've had none, lol.

Cutest story.... a little girl about 3 or 4 asked her, "Where are your kids?".... Kate teased, "Under the table.".... The little girl's eyes got huge and she checked under the table, lol!!!

She was super nice. Even having to go quickly, she still made small talk with me as she signed. And, she was nice enough to sign one for me, one for my mom, and one for my cousin Heidi.


Heidi said...

Hey! So, you look drop dead goreous! Your face is sooo thin! Im jealous I wish I wasn't miss round face :( Anyways, seriously you look great! And kate! I wish I could pull off her hair style, it is so cute! I wish I was there !

Thanks so much for my copy! That is grrrrr8!

Love you!

Emily said...

ahhhhh... soo fun!! I am soo jealous:) I am a HUGE fan of the show too!! soo jeal:) Love the pics!

Newlywed Next Door said...

I love J&K+8! So fun that you got to meet Kate!