Sunday, April 5, 2009

So, is it ok that I love Edward and not Bella?

Because I didn't. At all.

I read the series a few months ago and LOVED it. I will admit that I enjoyed the last 2 books, better than the first.

But, the movie? I'm having trouble with and it all has to do with Bella. I just didn't like Kristen Stuart in the role. I totally get the book to movie issue.... the book is always better (except in case of Jaws and The Godfather). There was no way that a movie would encompass a book like Twilight. I do think they could have done a bit better, but overall it was a good job.

I just didn't like Bella.

Other happenings this week?

I worked a lot. Thursday was a really long day and Friday wasn't much better. Things seem to be progressing with "the guy." This week has been just as interesting as last week. But, I don't know.

We'll see. I'm really trying to lay it to God. When I got the opportunity to apply for my job, I really prayed that God would open the door, if I were meant to be there. If not, I knew I'd be sad and disappointed, but I wanted to be ok.

That's where I am, right now with him. Or, at least trying to be. I think I'm getting signals that we may have something, but I'm trying to be realistic about it. It may not work out and I'll have to be ok with it. Please just pray that God will help me, no matter what the outcome.

I'll have to post about Friday night. It was fun.

Last night, I went out to dinner with Dave and Bridget from work (I work with Dave... Bridget is his wife). Then, I went over to their house and we watched "Twilight" (which is where I decided I don't like Bella in the movie). Well, B and I watched it. Dave tried for about 10 minutes and was done.

Then, I stayed their until 3:45 am talking with Bridget. I poured my heart out about so much (including the guy) and she was so encouraging. It was wonderful. She doesn't read this blog, but I wanted to thank her, anyway.

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Emily said...

with the outlook you have.. everything will be golden.. God will take care of your future and what he has in plan for you!! I just know he has something wonderful in store for you:)