Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ok... I'll take the good girl status

So, I know it bugs me when I'm called "a good girl" "the girl next door" or "All-American girl." I've also been called prudish.

I've decided that I'll take that over being called the exact opposite.

This week, it has come to light that a girl I work with has - ahem - been very friendly with five men we work with. We do not work in a big building, people. She apparently has been friends with all the single ones that exist in the company. Now, granted, three of them are "she said"... the other two are "he said." And, one of the "gentlemen" has pictures to prove it.

Call me a prude. Go ahead. I'm fairly shocked, lol.

I guess they're all adults and can do what they want. I'm just surprised that a young woman would jeopardize her reputation in a company this small. Not only that... she brags about the three. She's unaware that the other two are telling tales (or proving it).

The next time someone calls me "a good girl", I promise I will post a thankful prayer about it. Because I'd much rather be called that then what this other girl is being called.

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