Tuesday, August 28, 2012

HISMSV - Train to Philly

Wednesday, August 8th was mainly a transition day. We got up, packed, and bid farewell to the Big Apple. 

Getting to the train was a bit of an issue. I've mentioned that the actual act of traveling with my family is one of my least favorite things. At airports, I get to the airport and basically say, "Peace out! I will see you on the plane!"

I love them. I do. Especially once we actually get ON the plane.

In this case, we took a train to Philly. Imagine this.... 6 people, 3 cabs, about 100 pieces of luggage, and Penn Station. Those 3 cabs managed to drop us off at 3 different entrances. It wasn't pretty, folks.

We did eventually make it onto the train and it was wonderful. I'd never been on a train like that before and it was actually a lot of fun. I wouldn't want to do a long ride, but the hour and a half ride was great!

The Megans.....

Trev..... He was chilling because he became the official luggage man. I wish we had a video of him throwing all of our bags onto the train.

Then we conked out.... at which point my mom grabbed the camera....

When we got to Philly, the older Megan had to head to work. Coincidentally, her job needed her to work in the NJ branch for two weeks. It actually worked in our favor because she wouldn't have been able to hang with us the whole time we were in NYC. Plus, it allowed her to come back on Friday afternoon, as the NJ office was only about 45 minutes from Philly.

The rest of us loaded up the rental car to head to the hotel. By loaded up, I mean LOADED. 

Trevor had two bags sitting in his lap and had us dying anytime the movement of the car made the bags shift too close to his...... jewels.

One thing I really love about Philly are all the murals throughout the city. Very pretty.

We got settled in our hotel and went for food. Our hotel was in Downtown Philly and right across the street from Reading Terminal Market. RTM is basically a GIGANTIC food court. I had such a hard time deciding what to eat every time we went.

That evening, Jeff and Trevor had a baseball game. Mom decided to go exploring. Megan and I decided to call it an early night. All the excitement of NYC for the previous days wiped us out!!

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