Saturday, August 25, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!!!!!!!

That's right, folks! I am officially TWENTY-NINE YEARS OLD.


I'll be perfectly honest.... this is a scheduled post. I'm currently at with my family, basking in my birthday glow and eating whatever I want (calories do not count on your birthday...... it's the law). I'll post about my birthday later.

However, I have some goals to declare.

From August 25, 2012 to August 25, 2013, I would like:

1) To work on improving my relationship with the Lord through devotions. - For some reason, I have a horrible time sticking with devotions/quiet time. I would like to establish a routine, a real one.

2) To get to my goal weight or size.... whichever comes first. - I have come SO far over the past several years and am SOOOOO close to where I want to be. I want to get there before I turn 30, so that I can enter that new decade with a truly fresh start.

3) To travel to at least five different places. - I loved that I did this while I was 28. I want to do it, again. Hey, I'm single.... now is the time to live it up! While I'm 29, I want to travel to at least five different places........ either out of the state or to a place in the state that I've never been.

4) To volunteer for at least five different events. - I do a lot of charity/community stuff with my job. I promote a lot of events and even go/participate in them, at times. However, honestly, I do way too much out of obligation instead out of just wanting to help. So, I want to CHOOSE at least five different events/organizations to volunteer.

5) To take at least three classes or seminars to teach me something new (that doesn't have to do with work). - It might be a couple hours one day or an entire "semester."  It may be a cooking class, painting class, finance seminar..... whatever. I just want to learn something new that isn't related to my job.

 6) To get various parts of my life "in order." - This one is a little more vague, but I have some things that I need to take care of before I turn 30. Hopefully.

7) To truly take Kelly's words to heart and live them out. - Last year, I read a post from Kelly at Kelly's Korner that really hit home. I even linked it on my birthday goals last year, too. Going through last year's post, I reread Kelly's post and decided there was a key part that I need to remember and try to live out.......

And this is probably the last thing you want to hear - but enjoy being single. Most likely you WILL get married and have a family at some point and you will look back one day and think "wow - it WAS kind of fun being single". Travel ......a LOT. I wish I would have done more. Volunteer for things (also a great way to meet like minded people). Go out to eat, visit friends, go to lots of movies. Enjoy Saturdays laying in bed watching movies all day. Eat anything you want for dinner. I am so thankful for my family that I can't stop thanking God but there are a lot of things you just can't do easily once you have a family. It takes careful planning now for me to have a night with friends or to go on a trip and I can't sign up to help with things or volunteer as much as I once could. I made the mistake of just wallowing in my unhappiness of being single instead of realizing it was (hopefully) just a stage of life and enjoying it. 

I just want you to know - you are NOT forgotten and I pray for you - all of you - daily as you wait. Your love stories are still being written.   ~ Kelly's Korner

So, those are my goals! I hope you all will follow along for this next chapter of my journey!


Erin said...

Happy, Happy 29th Birthday! Hope all your goals are met this year. I too, love Kellys advice. I am totally following her advice as well. ENJOY 29!!!!!!

Gina said...

Gah! Worst friend ever! I missed it! SO sorry. Happy Belated Birthday, friend. XOXOXO

LWLH said...

Happy Belated Birthday Beautiful!!