Thursday, May 14, 2009

SERIOUSLY?!?! This is why I love Grey's.

I just finished the season finale of Grey's Anatomy and I'm still completely floored.

Two whole hours lead up to the last three minutes. You think everything is wrapping up SO nicely for a warm and fuzzy summer. You're sad because it's going to take 4 more months for you to get another dose of your favorite Seattle Gracians. But, it's ok, because things are coming together.

THEN, it all gets flipped upside down, turned on its ear, and all other crazy phrases in the last 3 minutes. All you can do is just stare at the screen in shocked amazement (with a few gasps and screams thrown in).

I seriously don't even know what just happened.

Shonda Rimes is a friggin genius.

When will September be here, again?

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Heidi said...

september is way too far along, but atleast we have so you think you can dance and big brother to take our minds off of our broken hearts.