Wednesday, May 6, 2009

6th Grade Crush Re-visited

Back in the 6th grade, I was in love with a young man named Devon Sawa.
Remember him?....

Little Giants


Now and Then

He was like a step below Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Jonathan Brandis. However, he was #1 in my little 11 year old heart (well.... #2.... Justin of MMC was #1...).

Friday (5/1), I was at the station very early and this good-looking guy came to the side door. I let him in (he was there for an interview... most come in that way). Melissa came running into the studio I was in to talk about the cute boy who was gracing our halls (we don't get a lot of them, obviously).

She told me he was one of the actors in the film that's currently shooting in town. I asked which one and she said, "Devon Sawa."

SERIOUSLY?!?! Hello, I used to read all about his favorite flavor of ice cream in Tiger Beat and Bop! I giggled over his bare booty scene in Now and Then.

He was super nice. He went on two stations, talking about the film, etc.

Granted, he's like D-List now and I hadn't thought about him in about 14 years. That's not the point. The point is.... when I was 11, I desperately wanted to meet him. And, I eventually did, lol.

This picture does him no justice, at all. I, of course, hadn't put on make-up, yet.


Heidi said...

omg omg omg, i LOVED him too! i rewound that scene in now and then a few times and giggled, he was sooo hot! hehe, how cool! i havent heard of him in forever, but he once had his place all over my walls thanks to tiger beat!

Emily said...

ahhh! I loved him too and loved all of those movies! Soo FUN:) Gosh I am jealous you got to meet him.. he still looks hunky! he needs to smile tho and you look great with no makeup on! im jealous:)

The Pink Tutu said...

What an awesome story!! How fun that you got to meet him! Too funny how things work out sometime.

Tonya said...

Hey!! oh my god this picture is gorgeous you lucky girl :) i used to love him back then and i still do now!! Dont care of he doesnt do much known works nowadays i still love him more and more! and hope someday i too can meet him :):) and take many pictures hehe