Thursday, March 4, 2010

A bat, a ball, and no depth perception

Hello. My name is Jessica. I suck at sports.

No, no..... do not try to tell me that I'm being modest or that I'm just being cute. I'm not asking for a vote of confidence, either.

I suck at sports.

 I always have and always will.

I am ok with this.

In PE, our 10th grade coach once lectured us because we were purposely getting out for Dodgeball (we had played nothing but for about two months straight and were tired of it). She started yelling at us and said, "Next year, you won't have PE! And, you're going to miss it! When you are sitting in your classroom and are looking outside, you are going to wish you had a PE class."

We sat there and listened, and I thought to myself, "Lady, you are crazy. I will NEVER miss PE."

I was right. I never did.

Because, I suck at sports. I blame it on being left-handed.

Think about it........ all my coaches were trying to teach me how to do things the right-handed way, when I am a TRUE lefty. As in, I do everything left-handed..... some people write with their left, but do everything else with their right. Not me, I do absolutely everything the left-handed way. Even when I'm doing a workout class or video and the trainer says, "Right, left, right, left." I will catch myself going left, right, left, right.

Anyway..... the point is..... I suck at sports and was fine with it.

Until two of my so-called best friends decided I needed to play on their work's softball team. Our city has a coed league and they started a team.

So, they recruited me.


I protested. I told them I sucked. I warned them that I have absolutely NO idea when I go to hit or catch a ball if I am within the actual vicinity of the ball.

They told me I was lying and bought me a team shirt.

See..... I'm fine with the fact that I suck at sports because I danced and cheered for my entire life. I'm athletic in that way. If you ask me to throw a person in the air and catch them, I'm golden. If they kick me in the face as they are coming down, I will STILL catch them. I once danced in a recital with a broken shoulder. So, that has always been my thing and I'm ok with it.

Then, I got put on a friggin softball team.

Do you know that I have been praying for rain every Tuesday?

It worked for a couple weeks and then God told me to put on my big girl panties and get out there.

So, I did.

I do suck. My teammates are quickly finding this out. But, I'm trying my darndest.

I've even hit the ball a couple times. My next step is to make it to first base without getting out.

Baby steps, people, baby steps.


Melissa said...

i SOOOOOO understand. PE class growing up was a nightmare. In middle school, we didn't get sent to detention or anything for not participating in PE, they just deducted points from our grade. My mom wanted to know why i FAILED PE in 7th grade & i said i didn't know. She called & found out i hadn't been dressing out for PE the entire semester. NOT GONNA DO IT. LOL. And then in high school, i had to dress out & participate, b/c if you didn't dress out twice, you'd get sent to the office. So i dressed out...and participated...& got made fun of. A LOT.

UGH! How i am glad those PE days are over!

That is so cool you are doing it though!!!! I would be like "HELL TO THE NO!" HAHAHA!!! LOL.

kjlangford said...

I am so there with you. Triple pirouette- fine. Catching any size ball, no... I'd prefer some other sort of public humiliation, thanks.

Gina said...

Not only do I suck at sports and hated PE (I bet even more than you), I can't dance either. So at least you have a little more coordination than me. Good luck with the softball. I hope you win the Most Improved Award! :)

Brittany Ann said...

This happened to me in college: Intramural football. It was not pretty. But I did catch a touchdown once. And it was my crowning achievement!

Lil' Woman said...

I'm a lefty too...except I only write lefty, I can bowl and throw balls with my right.

But anywho i suck at sports too. I was on Little League. basketball, and cheerleading and I pretty much was a bench warmer for all them.

Justine said...

Ugh. Same thing happened to me with intramural volleyball this year. Some of Jon's classmates guilt-tripped me into playing. AND I'M NOT EVEN A STUDENT!!! haha