Sunday, March 21, 2010

Questions Answered.....

I love answering fun questions! Thanks for some great ones! If you have any others, feel free to ask.

First one.... it was emailed to me by someone who I'll just leave nameless.... Here's a question for you..... Why do you feel the need to BRAG about all the people you've met and your trips to theme parks and your super fabulous job? It's really kind of rude.

Sorry. That's not my intention, at all.

I'm not trying to brag or anything.... honestly. I'm just excited by a fun experience. And, while I like to share it with the people that read my blog, I'd write about it even if it was a private blog that no one read. This blog is like my scrapbook. I take a lot of pictures (clearly) and I like having a story to go along with them. Rather than keep everything in a folder in my computer (which happens to about 85% of the pictures I take), I can have a place to put everything together. Years from now, no one is going to care about me meeting Taylor Swift or any other person (you may not care now, lol), but *I'll* get to look back on a fun night with my friends and the really cool opportunity I got.

Marianne wanted to know... What's one goal you hope to achieve by the time you're 30?

I have a few....

1) I want to travel to Italy.

2) I'd like to be down to my goal weight (actually, I'd rather be there before my HS reunion, lol).

3) I'd like to be married or on-the-way..... I realize that THIS, more than probably anything, is really out of my control and will only happen in God's timing. I just hope that God's timing is before I'm 30.

There are other things that I'd like to do in the next..... eek..... few years, but those are three major ones.

Brittany Ann answered her own question, but I'll also respond.....

I get to see you in a week!!!!!! I'm SOOOO excited!! You do realize that I may decide that you and Ivy simply CANNOT move, right?!

Lil Woman asked.... Do you see yourself in radio and broadcasting for awhile? If there any other careers that you have been interested?

I really do think I'll be here, for a while! I've always wanted to be in the entertainment industry, but never really considered radio. I sort of fell into it and love it.

I don't know if I'll stay at my current company/position, forever. If it works out that way.... that's great. I do love where I'm at! If I move on.... that's great, too. I love radio, I love promotions, and I love the music industry. There are several different things that I could see myself doing, but I'll probably always stay in the entertainment realm.

To be perfectly honest, I've never really wanted to do something else. It's always been "anything in the entertainment industry that I could get a job for that is legally, morally, and ethically acceptable." There are other things that I am interested in and am good at (teaching, psychology), but they have never been my passion.

Mrs. Potts asked...... I'd like to know how you got into radio & if there was ever anything else you wanted to do.

Like I said, above, I've always wanted to be in the enertainment business..... and, really, that's the only thing I've ever wanted to do. There are certainly other things that I considered as a "back-up" but not really, lol.

As for radio, specifically, I literally just fell into it. I graduated with a Communications degree and a Dance/Theater minor. My degree was mainly focused in TV and Film.... there was also some Journalism and Advertising/Marketing involved (though those both had their own majors). We did have a campus radio station and like two radio courses, but it was barely on the radar for anyone (and certainly not mine!).

When I graduated, I literally had NO CLUE what I was going to do with my life. College was rough on me in a personal sense.... a lot of death, etc, throughout those four years. I was really unhealthy, unhappy, scared, and had very little confidence in myself when it came to "making it" in the world. I toyed with the idea of going to NYC or LA to try to make it in the business. But, I needed an internship in order to get my diploma and I just needed some sort of experience, period, before attempting anything.

My hometown has always had a pretty big country station. It's heard in 32 counties in Florida. There are also 3 other stations. Well, when you're looking for an internship in the entertainment business and you don't feel like fighting all the other go-getters in the Clear Channel type companies, you go to your hometown, privately owned establishment.

I contacted the station about an internship and the only thing available was in the Promotions Dept. I was like, Sign me up. The first couple months, I just marked time. I enjoyed the environment and the people, but I was still in the "checking it out" stage. Then, I slowly started to open up around Tunie and Dave.... the Director and her Asst.

When my internship was up, I told them that I'd continue until the St Jude Radiothon. They were needing the help and it sounded like a good opportunity. The Radiothon is when I fell in love with radio and Tunie/Dave really started to notice me as a person that they could count on.

From then, I started taking an active role in learning as much as I could about whatever I could. I'd bug people to teach me different skills. "The Guy" offered to show me how to set-up remotes..... I went out with him to almost every remote he had for the entire summer. I was probably the world's slowest learner *wink-wink*, but when we were both confident that I knew what I was doing, they hired me on part-time to do set ups and to occasionally stand in for a Salesperson. That led to board operating.... which led to helping produce a couple of weekly shows.... which led to my own airshift. Meanwhile, I stayed in the Promotions Dept and became the 3rd (unpaid) member of their team. I would go in there after school (I subbed) and before dance (I taught) or when I had a day off and just do whatever needed to be done. When life was particularly busy, I'd go in during the evenings/nights and work..... this was also when I spent a lot of time with TG as we were the only two in the building, a lot of the time.

I worked my way around the building and learned as much as I could. Meanwhile, I had multiple part-time jobs, lol. I loosely applied for other jobs in radio, TV, etc and looked into various Grad schools. My main line of thinking was that I was getting a TON of experience. Tunie kept saying that if I stuck it out, I'd eventually have her job.

3 1/2 years after I started there as an intern, she left and I got my job! A year later, I'm still learning as much as I can. It's amazing how much I've learned in the past year.

That was a REALLY long answer, lol. But, again, I now have it on record, lol.


Paige and Gina want to know..... What's happened with THE GUY since your facebook convo???

The short answer......... Not much.

The much longer answer........

After the Radiothon, I emailed him about it. It was something that both of us feel strongly about and our last conversation was about the Radiothon (I was in Memphis, at St Jude). So, I emailed him. He read it like an hour later, but didn't respond. I basically just shook my head and took it for what it was.

Five days later, I saw his best friend out in public. I've never formally met the guy. I've just heard so much about him that I feel like I know him. And, I've seen pictures of him, so I recognize him. I have no idea if he knows me from Adam’s housecat, but the two times I’ve seen him out in public, he looks at me kind of like he recognizes me (sort of like I look at him…. like, I know who you are, but I don't know if I'm supposed to acknowledge that because I'm not sure if I was talked about to you like you were to me).

Less than two hours after seeing the BFF, I got a response from TG. The two are probably unrelated, but I thought it was ironic, lol.

Here's what the email said....

Sorry for not getting back to you. You didn't put a subject and I think clicked on it a while ago, but didn't get a chance to read it. What kind of drama happened? How was St Jude rep?? Was the funny dude back??

Hope all is well..

The Guy

Slightly lame, if you ask me. Especially the excuse for taking 5 days to return an email when he used to respond within minutes or hours. I responded with some of the details he was asking for (ignoring the lame excuse or answering whether or not I was doing well). Never heard back.

We've had ZERO contact since. He literally went into hiding, for a little while. He wasn't on FB or anything. For the past couple of weeks, he has been online a lot, at night. We're not chatting like we used to, but he's on there. I'm not sure if he even wants to talk, you know? I mean, we used to chat for as long as two hours, a couple nights a week. At this point, we basically haven't talked at all in over two months.

I really miss him. I'm trying not to, but I do. A couple weeks ago, I had a SUPER rough day at work and I so badly wanted/needed to talk to him about it. He was always the one I talked with about that stuff because we both had very similar outlooks on the company. I didn't, though.

I have NO idea what he's thinking or if he misses me. He certainly doesn't seem to, but who knows. I mean, how do you go from talking to someone all the time to just not and not miss the person? Also, he used to comment on my FB page, all the time. Pictures, statuses, etc.... all the time. So much so, that I had a couple friends ask me, "So..... who is the guy who is always on your FB page?" Now? Nothing. I have no idea how you can go from checking out someone's page so much to just not, lol.

Anyway, I'm slowly moving on. Like I said, I try not to miss him, even though I still do. At least it doesn't hurt as badly as it did. For a while, it wasn't fun, at all.

I'd still like to visit Minnesota someday (despite the fact that I probably won't be visiting The Guy when I do). Before August 24, 2009, I had absolutely NO desire to ever visit that state. In fact, it was a state I usually forgot about. Since then, I'm constantly coming across it - in books, on TV, etc, etc, etc. In fact, the other day I was watching a show and the people ended up being in the same exact town that TG moved to..... random! So, I've decided that I'd like to completely give into it and visit one day. As much as Minne-friggin-sota has had an effect on my life in the past 7 months, I figure I owe it a visit, lol.


Lil' Woman said...

I'm so excited to see you on Friday, I can't wait to see you girls again...and this time we won't be pushed out by crazy techno music! :)

I think your job in radio is awesome and I'm glad I got to hear how you came about it. Forget about that douchey first commenter. Haters will hate.

Melissa said...

I have NEVER thought you were bragging even slightly about all your adventures! I hope you don't worry that you come off like that to everyone, b/c you definitely do not! I use my blog as a scrapbook too. It's fun reading about your experiences! :)

Marianne said...

Someone clearly had a stick up their ass when they sent that email. You don't brag. At all. Trust me, if you'd like to read a brag-a-dosh-iss blog, I'd happily direct you to one. Or 10. And even if you did, so what, it's your blog, you can do what you want. If people don't like it, they shouldn't read it.



Anyway, (now that I've started a war lol) we really were separated at birth. Before I'm 30, I also want to get down to my goal weight... especially before my HS reunion. AND I also want to get married. I told my mom if I'm not married by 30, I'm seeking out a way to become a mother. God better hop to it.

Later (florida) gator--- wow I'm so not funny.


Gina said...

Did someone really say you are bragging? That makes me mad. You were way nicer in your answer than I would have been.

And something tells me that TG is going to resurface soon. I just have a feeling.

Juliana said...

Not to take attention away from your lovely answers but I am really annoyed that someone thinks you are being rude because you are bragging. This is your blog and we read it because we are interested. I do not think that you brag at all. ALSO--I think that we should talk more about all the great things that are going on in our lives and celebrate them. My cousin wrote me an email a couple months ago and said, "I am here if you ever need to vent or just want to brag." I thought that was the COOLEST thing. I mean, really who says that? We should celebrate life more and I think your job is amazing and so are you!