Wednesday, March 31, 2010

'Waiting to Exhale' Wednesday

Hi, people.

I don't know about you, but I'm exhausted. So exhausted that I skipped my workout this evening (bad girl), came home, put my jammies on, and turned on last week's The Vampire Diaries.

I'm so exhausted that I haven't conjured up the brainpower and energy to write my recap from my Girls' Weekend. Bad, I know. I promise I'll do it.

But, this week has been tough. In fact..... I blew up at work today. Then, I broke down and cried. For an hour. Then, about two hours later, someone said something and I started crying again. I'm usually a calm and level-headed person. Just in general. So, it's pretty bad when I'm having meltdowns at work.

And, while I'm sure it's bad form and unprofessional to completely meltdown, I'm at least lucky in that the people in my building are used to it. It happens on a weekly basis. It used to be daily, but those people either quit or retired. So, they are used to it. And, they realize that if Jessica is melting down, it's BAD.

So, as I'm sitting here trying to recoup, I thought about how I couldn't wait to just relax..... to not worry about everything happening at work..... to stop holding my breath and exhale.

Therefore, I starting something. It's called "Waiting to Exhale" Wednesday. If someone already has something like this (or named this), let me know and I'll cease and desist. However, I haven't seen it and I need it. So, I'm starting it.

This Wednesday, I'm looking forward to......

..... having lunch with Marylou on Friday. Marylou was my tap teacher growing up and is like my 2nd mom.

..... going to a movie. I've decided that sometime this weekend, I'm going to see a movie. I don't know which one or when, but it's going to happen.

.... Easter, when there is candy and good food.

.... my new Sunday school class. I kind of like it and am hoping this "trial" run turns into a permanent group.

What are at least three things that you are looking forward to this weekend or early next week?


Gina said...

What a great idea! I'm looking forward to taking Logan to a picnic in the park on Friday, my spin class on Saturday, and dinner at my mom's on Easter! :)

Brittany Ann said...

Love this idea! And I'm so sorry about your day today my friend! I hate that you cried! I'm thinking of you!

Lil' Woman said...

I'm looking forward to going to Benihana's tomorrow with Big Man and FMIL, having the next two days off and my birthday on Monday!