Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thoughts from the couch

1) Food poisoning sucks. I know this from recent (as in Weds/Thurs) experience.

2) As much as I love my job, I'm seeing some major downfalls, recently. I don't quite know what to do with it, just yet.

3) I'm truly dedicated to my job and have proof.....

a) While I was um....... getting sick...... I was literally thinking to myself, "I canNOT be sick.... I have way too much to do at work."

b) The morning after, I still attempted to get up and go to work. Only, I only made it about three steps down the stairs before I had to sit down and call my boss to tell him I wouldn't be in. Once I was able to get all the way down the stairs, I logged onto my work email to forward some things that HAD to be taken care of that day.

c) I went to work on Friday, even though I still felt yucky. I lasted until about 3:15 and then cut out. Most of my coworkers would have totally milked a Friday off after being sick on Thursday.

4) I need to stop being married to my job, so that I can work on eventually being married to a real person.

5) The reason I'm thinking so much about marriage and my job is because the Small Group (Juniors and Seniors in High Schools - girls) that meets at my house every Sunday is currently in my kitchen eating cookies and Pizza Rolls and talking about their future weddings.

6) I ate two cookies and a Pizza Roll..... and my stomach doesn't like me for it, right now. I've eaten nothing but rice and soup for the past four days. For once, something smelled good. Only, it was a mistake.

7) The Bomb Episode on Grey's Anatomy is one of the best EVER. I still love it, even in reruns. Seriously, the dialogue on that show is some of the best.

8) I hate "Springing Forward." It's 7:45 and it's still light outside and it's weird.

9) I bought those Sketchers Shape-Ups last weekend. I hope they live up to their self-proclaimed hype.

10) I love The Amazing Race and can't wait for it to come on in 15 minutes.


Gina said...

Food poisoning?? Oh no!! How did you get that?

Brittany Ann said...

Not food poisoning! I'm sorry! That's horrible! And I know what you mean about DLS time. I hate it being light here so late.

Lil' Woman said...

Ugh food poisoning is the worst...hope you feel better.

Me and Big Man sat on our back porch last night and when the sun finally set it was like was so weird to have light for that extra hour.