About Me

My name is Jess and the above picture was taken by a three year old, lol.

Here are 15 facts (some interesting, some notsomuch) about me.......

  1. I'm 28 and a native Central Floridan.
  2. I've lived in the same city my entire life.
  3. I'm a self-proclaimed Disney fanatic. I *heart* anything Disney and have no problems acting just like a kid when the Mouse is in the air.
  4. Despite my love for Mickey Mouse, I hate all other rodents. I've made a declaration that any new residence I move into will first be inhabited by DeCon pellets. That way, any rodents will die before I realize they're there.
  5. I hate condiments..... mustard, mayo, and ketchup. In fact, our receptionist threw away a plate that had ketchup on it, today, under her desk. As I was writing something down, I literally started gagging from the smell.
  6. I've never seen the process of "snowing." Only once it's hit the ground and been there for a while.
  7. I took dance for over 20 years (and taught for much of that time), including minoring in Dance/Theatre in college.
  8. I *heart* George Clooney. Like, big time.
  9. I don't eat hotdogs.
  10. Despite living in Florida my entire life, I'm not overly fond of the beach. Call it overkill from a childhood full of sand, sun, and sunscreen. That said, I am not sure I could live away from water.
  11. I want to live in NYC for two years. Just to say I did.
  12. TV is an addiction to me. I'm ok with this.
  13. One day, I want to get married and have a great, big wedding. I realize the marriage is the most important..... I want that, too..... but I just want one day of being a princess.
  14. I collect keychains from every place I go.
  15. I have a "mild" Vera Bradley obsession.

I wrote this the first day I started this blog, in my second post.............

Why did I choose the title "All-American Jess?"

Well, I've been called an "All-American Girl" or a "Good Girl" a lot, lately. My friend Ashley and I were talking about it and how it's almost used as an insult. It really is..... I mean, I'm hardly perfect or innocent. But, I do tend to make pretty good choices.

Some people I know in my "current" life don't realize that having come from a Christan school, I grew up with people a lot better than me, lol. I grew up watching soap operas, Friends, and Dawson's Creek.... that made me a rebel, to some people's thinking, lol. So, it baffles me when I'm considered to be all sweet and innocent.

Also, there are people I know that are a lot more positive and nice. I am moody. I can be very cynical and sarcastic. There are dozens of people that come to mind that are sweeter than pie and are sooooo happy and encouraging.

So, while I don't tend to think of myself that way, that's the way people perceive me, I guess.

And, I'm deciding to try to not only live up to it, but think of it as a compliment.

We'll see how that goes, lol.........
A few important distinctions about me:
I'm a bit of a dork, but prefer to think of myself as "quirky."

I'm a kid at heart, but like to say that I'm "whimsical" instead.

I'm OCD and yet super laid-back, at the same time.

I'm a hopeless romantic, but super realistic.

I'm not cut-and-dried (obviously).