Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I'm the kinda girl.....

Oh, hey there. It's been yet another long period of time where I haven't said much. Pretty much the theme of this blog 'o' mine, lately.

Between life being very busy and my mind being full of stuff that I'm not sure I want to say aloud, I just haven't been able to write.

However, thanks to a couple of my favorite reads, I came across this link-up and thought I'd join....

.... alternates between extreme self-control+efficiency and extreme laziness+disorder. There is rarely an in-between. Most of the time, I'm ok with this fact about myself. Usually, I figure that it balances out in the end. There are times, though, where I wish I could be a little more "middle of the road."

.... cannot say "No" to cookie cake. Ever. Sometimes I can deny regular cookies or cake or brownies or ice cream. Most of the time, I can turn down pie or candy or donuts. However, cookie cake has a power over me that I have yet to concur.

..... likes to watch her favorite movies, TV episodes, and read books over and over and over, again. I never get tired of them. With books, I will occasionally just flip through to my favorite parts and read.

.... isn't a T-totaler, but isn't necessarily a "party girl." This is an area in which I am "middle of the road." I get tipsy, but only when I am with people I absolutely trust and in an environment in which I feel safe.

.... has dreamed of her wedding since she could remember dreaming. That being said, as traditional as I tend to be in most aspects of life, there are SO many things about my wedding in which I plan to be completely nontraditional.

.... usually can put myself in another person's shoes. Which makes it difficult for me to stay mad/hurt/etc. Even when I don't agree, I do tend to see their side.

.... over-analyzes EVERYTHING. Boy, do I over-think.

.... is 100% stereotypical when it comes to cars, mice, and getting dirty. I refuse to know anything about cars... including how to change a tire or my oil. I have literally jumped onto counters at the site of a mouse. I can't get too sweaty or too dirty for too long, without needing a shower ASAP. All of this is fine with me.