Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday Musings

Happy November!! Already, this is a great month.

Seriously, I think that at least 15% of my horrible mood in late Sept and all of Oct was the weather. Florida "winter" is more like everyone else's Fall. However, we didn't have one this year. So, basically we spent 9 months in a state of heat and humidity. Ya'll get Winter Blues? Well, I got the Summer Blues. 

It is amazing what a drop in the humidity and ten degrees of temperature will do for a person's overall outlook.


A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting up with My Twin.

Marianne and I met through blogging and I just adore her. It's ridiculous how eerily similar we are.


Has anyone been watching 'The Originals'?

I love.

No, I really love.


I was walking through Target and saw these.....

NO. Just no.

Leotards or "bodysuits" are not acceptable in 2013, unless you are actually a dancer.



Each year, my friends at work don cute semi-Halloween outfits. Then, we go out to a fun, yummy lunch.

Aren't we adorable?.....

Also, one of our stations was at a Halloween trick-or-treating event. This was our table after about five minutes.........

I did have more candy to replenish the stash, but we basically sat at an empty table for three hours.


I'm a dork and already have my tickets for the 9pm showing of 'Catching Fire.' I.AM.SO.EXCITED!!!!!!


I spent all weekend wanting sweets. For which I am kicking myself.

Today? Today, I want salty and cheesy. For which I am also kicking myself.


Jess @ Living On Sweet Tea said...

I'd love to do a blogging meet up, no one is ever this far south in FL though. Boo.

Leotards.. haha. No.

and yea I watch the Originals too! Clearly I'm still addicted to vampires even though they're out of fashion.

Metamorphocity said...

But...but leotards are so great under high-waisted skirts! They don't bunch up and create a fabric muffin top the way a lot of shirts do when I tuck them in. I'm like the Lorax of leotards. haha.