Sunday, December 14, 2014

Oh, Holidays, How Fast You Come

How do I go an entire month without blogging? It has been busy and productive, but I need to get better at this whole documenting-my-life thing.

What have I been up to that has been keeping me so busy?

First, on Nov 20th, this little lady turned SIX. I just want to cry at how big she is getting. Mom, Trevor, Irelynn, and I took her lunch at school...... She thought she was big stuff.....

That night, was the premiere of Mockingjay. Heidi, Billie Jo, Anthony, Ethan, Noah, and I all went. I LOVED IT! Personally, I loved the change in keeping Effie alive.... Elizabeth Banks is great and it adds to the entertainment to have her in.

Thanksgiving was a bit quieter, this year. Everyone was going up to Tallahassee for the FSU/UF game, so as soon as lunch was over, it cleared out. My household went up Thursday afternoon, while I went shopping with Heidi and Noah. This was Noah's first Black ThurFriday experience and he was a hoot. We honestly didn't have any problems.... We got to WalMart first around 6 (that was the craziest, but nothing awful) and were done by midnight.

We were crying laughing over this poor girl who stood in line at WalMart for 30 minutes for a bag of marshmallows.......

At one point, we swung by WalGreens to return a Redbox. There were about four other cars doing the same thing...... As we drove away, a workers was peering through the glass doors, watching all of us. It was dead inside and I am sure they were bored to tears, lol.

Our last stop was Kohls..... Noah was freezing, so we got him this spiffy sweatshirt.....

The original plan was for Bryan, Megan, Shelby, and I to drive up to Tallahassee after Bryan was through was work on Friday. However, one of their dogs got really sick, so Bryan went up (it has been his lifelong dream to see Florida State play Florida in Tallahassee) and we stayed home. Saturday, I was able to get some Christmas prep done and then I went over to hang out with Megan and Shelby. 

I mean, isn't this the cutest thing you ever did see?

Sunday was more of the same...... Christmas prep and Shelby snuggles....

Monday the 1st, Heidi and I had plans to go see NPH narrate Candlelight Processional at EPCOT after work. It is always a great way to start off the Christmas season and NPH does a wonderful job. I love their stage set and twinkling tree lights.

The 4th was our city's Christmas parade. I am always in it for work (our stations are in seven different parades throughout the first two weeks of December). This year, I had to work the set up as part of my Junior League Provisional duties. It was a bit stressful, at first (our parade is HUGE..... 125 floats and over 35,000 people attending). My friends C and M, and I had fun looking all official, though.....

Saturday the 6th, I headed over to House of Blues for a Jerrod Niemann concert with my friend T. It was a lot of fun!

Sunday was a Christmas party at my friend Ronda's.... We had a blast and I walked away with some serious loot (tin of cookies, box of truffles, $15 Starbucks gift card, and a $25 Olive Garden gift card). My kinda party!

Wednesday (the 10th) night, we went to Melting Pot. They were having an Ugly Sweater promotion, so we wore ours with pride......

Saturday night, we did a promotion for a private Chris Young concert at a nearby golf resort. It was a very nice event, but a bit stressful as the venue wasn't familiar with working a concert or winners. Once everyone was taken care of, my friends that came with me voted to leave early and grab dessert. It was outdoors and we were freezing. We had a great time though.

Yesterday, I stayed in my PJs all day and worked on Christmas cards. I had something every evening for 13 nights straight and exhausted. As I finish typing this, I am working from Universal. The work stuff should be slowing down this week, so hopefully I will get caught up on all my personal business.

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