Friday, December 26, 2008

James Otto at The Music Ranch (Dec 9)

Amongst all the craziness this month, I did have time to have fun (well, technically, I was still working, but oh well, lol). As a kind of Christmas gift to our listeners, we held another Listener Appreciation Concert at The Music Ranch.

This time, we welcomed James Otto. Personally, I was SUPER excited about this concert. I LOVE James Otto (in fact, as I type this, his 'These Are The Good 'Ole Days' is playing on my station).

M and J announcing James

I'm apparently not the only one who loves James Otto, lol. The place was PACKED. I've never seen so many people in The Music Ranch. In fact, there was quite a crowd sitting and standing outside and were watching through the windows.
James sounded exactly the same in concert as he does on the radio. A lot of times, they don't, so it was great to hear him live and it sound so pure.

I love this shot.... I love that you can see the Christmas tree in the background.
From backstage...

J and I's obligatory smush face pic...

I wasn't about to forget to get a pic! His rep offered to take the pic and all my co-workers were like, "No, she does her own pictures." LOL, my one armed shot is kind of a thing of wonder for them. What you can't see in this pic is that I'm standing as high on my toes as possible.... James Otto is TALL.

It was a big crowd, which meant a long night.... but it was totally worth it. I had a ton of fun!

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