Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Musings

We had a new movie theatre open up in town this past weekend and I was able to attend a VIP night on Thursday. The sister went with me and we randomly chose to see 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' because all the other movies were ones other friends/family wanted to see. And, because it was free, so we decided to see something we wouldn't pay to see.

It was..... interesting. The first half was just so odd. Like, it was well done, but it was just so weird and awkward.

The second half and the ending made it really good, though. I wasn't planning to see this, but I'm glad I did!


One of the films we wanted to see was 'Lone Survivor.' I CANNOT wait to see this film!

Two years ago, Marcus Luttrell was a guest speaker at St. Jude Seminar. I was able to hear his entire story and now it's a movie. As soon as I saw the previews for the first time.... like three seconds into it... I was screaming at the TV, "I KNOW THIS STORY!!!"


St. Jude Seminar is this week. I'm really excited for several reasons, but the main one is that I've been put on a panel! I'll be speaking to two different groups on Saturday about my experiences in raising money and awareness for St. Jude through radio!!

My BIL is *obsessed* with Batman. Like, obsessed. I genuinely am a fan, but Bry just loves it. It's one of those things that bonds us.

Anyway, this was circulating on FB and I thought it was hysterical....


Saturday, Lydia was over and she did this. Too adorable.........


Jenn @ A Country Girl's World said...

I have been wanting to see The Lone Survivor as well! It looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

I seriously can't stand Ben Stiller. This sucks because I think I'd maybe quite like this movie... I just hate him though! Haha. No real reason why. Just a face I want to punch!

Tammy Jo said...

The Lone Survivor is AMAZING!!! As is his book if you haven't read it yet I HIGHLY recommend it!!!