Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A change of self.........

Everyone says that 30s are so much better than your 20s.... you become more centered, you know yourself better, etc, etc. Having officially been here for a year, I can say that is proving itself to be true.

We all have weak moments. Moments of insecurity. Moments where our ugliness rears its head.

But, I find myself having these issues less and less.

Over the past 24 hours, I have found myself in a battle. I have a coworker that increasingly oversteps bounds and makes it known that he/she has very little regard for my position.

At first, I became angry. Then, I tried to fight passive-aggression with passive-aggression. Then, I became emotional (angry AND teary). Then, I got a few pieces of advice. Then, I became resolute and stood up for myself.

I'm not sure that this person got the point, but I am pretty sure our managers did. 

I find myself doing this more often, too. It is NOT in my nature to stand up for myself... and, when I do, it usually comes out as pure emotion. So, I'm working on being logical and reasonable.

I'm also working (and it is WORK) on caring less about being the people-pleasing, head-nodding, smiling, "do as I'm told with no questions asked", good little girl.

Several times this week, alone, I've asked myself, "Do I let this go or do I take the opportunity to stand up for myself?"

In one instance, I let it go. It doesn't matter.

In another instance, I let it go, but made a pact with myself not to let it happen again.

In the instance yesterday afternoon and this morning, I took a stand.

I feel a lot of things about myself changing...... Or, not so much changing, but coming to my true self. It's a pretty great feeling.

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