Saturday, November 15, 2008

Super Soap Weekend - Day One

Ok, so little fact about me.... I'm addicted to soaps. I have been from the womb. It's just a fact, lol.

When I was 12, the announced this thing called Super Soap Weekend at Disney/MGM Studios. I was stoked and begged my mom to take me. My favorite stars were going to be there, so I wanted to be there, also! We ended up going and started an annual tradition of it. Since that first one, I've met so many great people.... some of the dearest friends there. It's an EXHAUSTING two days, but loads of fun.

So, this was the 13th and final SSW. Here's hoping the Powers That Be eventually change their minds.

Haigen and Kay-Leigh literally laying on the ground EARLY Saturday morning.

Haigen with two of the three Soap Sisters. These hysterical ladies are there every year. They are each Beauty Queens from one of the soap towns. They're fraternal triplets.... same father, different mothers, lol. That's their story and they're sticking to it!!

Miss Lanview..... Candy Cane

Miss Pine Valley..... Sugar Cane.
The missing one is Miss Port Charles.... Nova Cane, lol.

Then, it was time to meet the actors.....

All My Children's Ricky Paull Goldin

AMC legend - Darnell Williams!!

AMC's Alicia Minshew

I also met Thorsten Kaye, but the picture didn't come out very well. It's blurry and from very far away (thanks Yellow-Shirted Disney person, lol).

Two of my dear friends that made it this year.... Crystal and Amber

Susan Lucci and Tony performed their Pasa Doble from Dancing with the Stars!

My mom and I

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Emily said...

I LOVE all my children and general hospital.My mom used to watched all my children when we were young and soo I guess I just started watching it:) soo FUN