Monday, May 14, 2012

Clearing the Cobwebs

Last week, I did one of those vague "something is going down, but I don't want to be specific" posts.

Well, I still can't be too specific, but I can tell you that I was fearless. And, I spoke. Oh, did I speak.

In fact, after the initial speaking that I posted about, I continued the trend throughout the week. It was one of those super rare weeks where filters fly away and obstacles crumple at your glance.

It was amazing, really. I felt on top of things. I felt like things were getting done!

I was eloquent, articulate..... just plain real.

The original conversation that I needed to have (that led me to quoting Taylor Swift, lol) actually had the following said at different points in the talk.....

Me: I hate stuff like this. I am so bad at these conversations.

Other Person: Well, you are doing a fine job, right now.

And, then....

Me: Aagghhh! I really hate this.

Other Person: I know what you mean. I'm horrible at either side... I never know the right words to say. Things get jumbled up and I don't get out everything I want to say.

Me: That is the amazing thing. Normally, I am the same way. However, I'm saying everything I need to say, right now. 

My point?
Through some sort of divine intervention from God, I had a week where my brain and my tongue matched. It doesn't happen often, folks.

Coincidentally, I also had my best jogging week ever.

I don't know if it was all the pent up thoughts that finally had release or what, but I jogged and jogged and jogged.

Like, I always hear about runner's high (which I've never experienced... I hate it) and how running allows you to "work stuff out in your head."

The only thing I ever work out while running is that I need to breathe more.

I mean, every second is a fight to breathe, hold in my core, and keep one foot going in front of the other.

Except last week. It was like I was dancing (where I find my head becomes the most clear). There were no thoughts about how much my legs hurt or how much longer I had to do this or how hot it was or anything like I normally think.

Nope, instead I had thoughts of strength and how I was going to keep going. Literally and figuratively.

Really, I have no major revelation to share. Things are still in a state of flux. Weeks like last week may not repeat themselves in such a great way. But, I just wanted to document it. Because, it's so rare and when I'm feeling down, I'd like to remember that it happened.

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PaigeR530 said...

Good for you for saying what you need to say! Proud of you!