Monday, May 7, 2012

Massive Phone Dump - Part One

So, I have had my phone for almost six months and have managed to collect a couple hundred pictures. Here is part one of the best.....

The best chocolate martini on the face of the planet. Otherwise known as, The Peabody Lobby Bar's Chocolate Martini.

This was dessert one night while I was in Memphis for St. Jude Seminar. I mean, really... immediate way to my heart.

Dolphins :)

Miss Abby turned FIVE back in January. FIVE. How is this possible? Anyway, I love her and her entire family. No, like all of them. Her siblings, her cousins, her aunts, her mom.... all of them. So, I was thrilled to be a part of her Rapunzel themed party.

Evan and I...... He rarely lets me take a picture with him, so this was a special treat, lol.

My most favorite Emma in the whole wide world.... and always up for a photo shoot!

Princess Hannah. She did NOT want me to hold her to take a picture, but she gladly peeked from behind her mom's (my best friend Meg) knee to give me a cheesy grin.

Prince David. His one demand before taking a shot was that I put on his sunglasses. Silly boy.

Back in February, we took Lydia to eat breakfast with Winnie the Pooh and Friends. Um, it was delicious. Seriously, so good.

Our St Jude Radiothon is a killer. Two 15+ hour days in a row. Super emotional. Super intense. And, at some point (or two or three).... super loopy. My interns went NUTS on me about two-thirds of the way through Day Two. Delirious, I tell you. This is them with their "St. Jude" song (to the theme of 'I'm Sexy And I Know It').

This was my first ice hockey game. In fact, this was the first sporting event that I went to at this particular arena. I'd been to countless concerts and even my own college graduation... but never a sporting event. This was my documentation of that occasion :)

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Ooooh I love chocolate martinis....yumm!!