Friday, November 9, 2012

On My Soapbox (for a minute).....

In case anyone forgot, there was an election this week.

As I have political opinions, but rarely discuss them, I actually had a fun election post planned, but then got busy and didn't have time to post it.

For the record? My votes would have gone to Damon Salvatore and Wade Kinsella.


I was all excited that all the political ads.... all the FB arguing.... all the pettiness would be done once the election was over.

A big fat HA!

I think it's actually gotten worse over the past few days. In fact, one of my coworkers.... who proudly voted for Obama.... has been in a seriously foul mood all week. Any time she's asked about what's wrong, she starts to go off on people who voted for Romney.

I've seen multiple people get defriended over statuses. I've seen people get into "raised voice discussions." I've seen downright nastiness, from both sides.

So, here are my rather pointed thoughts on all of this craziness........

Anyone, regardless of side or affiliation, who is willing to lose a friendship over all of this is a blasted idiot.

 The fact is that neither the man that won nor the man that lost cares about any of us, personally. Neither will be willing to comfort any of us when we have a bad day or celebrate with us when we have a victory. Neither is going to remember our birthdays (or let FB remember). They aren't going to comment on our blogs or pay attention to our Instagram pictures or respond when we have some sort of crisis that only Twitter can solve.

They are two men and when it comes down to it, none of us individually matter to them.

Neither of them are willing to give up their friends for me, so why in the world would I be willing to give up a friendship for them?

I have a lot of friends that have said things that I 100% disagree with... And, by their posts, mean that they think I am all sorts of awful. However, those same friends have been there for me in the good, the bad, and the absolute tragic. I will remember that long after this administration has outlived its term and people are bitching about the next one.

Ok, I am off my soapbox now....

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Melissa said...

That last true. Some of my favorite people have FB statuses that imply that I am an idiot, a moron, a horrible mean person. And i know they don't think that about ME personally. But it sure comes across that way!

Why was your friend in a bad mood if she voted for the WINNER?!?!?

I actually thought it would get worse after the election - or at least that FB would be FULL of gloating (b/c i didn't vote for obama). But on my end, it hasn't been that way. Some of my friends that don't like obama are still upset but i haven't seen any gloating. Thank GOD! Geez.

I agree, though. Those two men do not care about us, as individuals. At all. :o/