Saturday, December 15, 2012


My mind still reels. As with pretty much everyone, it is just too difficult to understand what would drive someone to do this.

It keeps being compared to Columbine. As awful as it was, it was something we could eventually wrap our heads around. Troubled outcasts decided to take revenge on their peers. Many, many, many innocent people were hurt and no one "deserved" it, but you could at least see where it started.

I'm not sure any of us will ever understand why a 20 year old would hurt innocent children.

Facebook has exploded. Already, there are debates and questions and cries of "Why?"

My mind immediately went to a sermon I saw just a week and a half shy of two years ago. I scoured the internet for and eventually found it.

It comforted me when I heard it the first time and it comforted me this morning.

If you choose to watch, I really hope it offers some sort of comfort to you.

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