Friday, May 16, 2014

Sorry, I'm Not Sorry.....

I just ran across Crystal Michelle's link-up. Only, this week's topic is parenting. I'm not a parent, so I'll do my own little "Sorry, Not Sorry"......

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Sorry, I'm Not Sorry..... that I watched 'Grey's Anatomy' last night and cried a couple times. Especially when they "danced it out." Shonda Rimes did such a brilliant job of calling back to some Cristina/Meredith-isms that dated back to the very first season. Loved it.

Sorry, I'm Not Sorry..... that I got a little giddy when I saw the preview for a new SR show coming this Fall.

Sorry, I'm Not Sorry.... that I'm such a TV junkie that my first three are about TV.

Sorry, I'm Not Sorry.... that FD requested to follow me on Twitter, so I went back to delete mentions/convos of him from the past year before accepting his request. Let's just hope that he doesn't decide to go back any further that that because there are probably some doozies.

Sorry, I'm Not Sorry..... that the weather in Florida today has me positively GIDDY. It's in the 60s right now with no humidity and a nice breeze. I want to just be outside.

Sorry, I'm Not Sorry.... that I've done absolutely nothing productive at work today. It's just one of those "Brain Is Tired, Must Not Turn On" days.

Have a great weekend!!!

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