Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas at Disney - Magic Kingdom (Dec 30th)

Once again, I got a day off and decided to head over to Disney. My 8 year old cousin, Haigen, was going out of his mind with boredom, so the two of us went on a "date" to the Happiest Place On Earth.

We got there about 3pm and stayed until about 11pm. It was CROWDED. Here's a little secret.... Native Floridians aren't used to waiting in lines at Disney. Those of us with passes go when no one else is there, so we can ride Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Rockin' Rollercoaster, etc in like 30 minutes. Yeah, well not this day, lol. It was TWO HOUR waits for the big rides. Rides that usually have like a 5-10 minute wait time were an hour long. Plus, just walking was like swimming through a sea of people... it was INSANE. Again... not used to it.

Haigen's absolute favorite ride is Splash Mountain. When we first arrived, the Holiday Parade was just starting. Once that was over, we went to Splash Mountain. However, once we saw the wait, we decided to get FastPasses. Keep in mind, it was like 4pm and the FP was for 8:30-9:30!!!!Poor Haigen was like, "Why do we have to wait so long?"

Despite the crowds, we did manage to have fun. We rode The Haunted Mansion, the Riverboat (something we never do, but there was no wait, so it seemed like a good idea, lol), Mickey's PhilharMagic 3D show, Cinderella's Carousal, Mad Hatter Tea Cups, and the RaceTrack. We ate dinner right before the fireworks. I think I was more excited about the fireworks than Haigen, because they were the special Holiday Fireworks, lol.

Then, it was time for us to ride Splash Mountain. Only, at this point, it was FREEZING. The regular wait was down to 20 minutes, while Thunder Mountain next door was still at 100, lol. That's how cold it was, lol. We went on it, still, because the poor kid had been waiting 5 hours, lol.

He tried to convince me to go a second time since the line was so short, but I put my foot down. I was shivering, at that point, lol. Instead, we headed over to Adventureland and rode Pirates of the Carribean. FUN ride, with little appearances by Captain Jack Sparrow. The flying carpets had a 5 minute wait, so we rode that twice. By that point, even Haigen was getting cold, so we decided to pack it up. We went to get a treat from the bakery... watched the Light Parade from the window and then headed home!

We'd wanted to go look at all the decorations the night we went to Hollywood Studios and The Grand Floridian, but there just wasn't enough time, so I was really glad to get to see everything.

(I forgot my camera, so I borrowed these pics from my friend Ellen. Thanks, Ellen!)

The view on Main Street.... so pretty. You can't quite see it, but the tree at the end of the street is HUGE.

The insane crowds were worth seeing Cinderella's Castle like this... all glittering and dripping with lights. It was so gorgeous.

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Emily said...

u took some really good pictures while you were in disney world! so fun!