Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Super Bowl MADNESS!!!

Living in Central Florida, you can imagine that the Super Bowl is all anyone talks about, right now, lol. I'm watching the news, as I type, and pretty much the past 17 minutes have been all about the big game.

Seriously... there was one story about the Caylee Anthony doll that isn't going on the shelves (thank GOODNESS... that's such an awful idea) and about her grandfather that tried to commit suicide (so sad). Then, there was another story about a guy who defrauded a bunch of people. Other than that... all Super Bowl.

Don't get me wrong, I like the Super Bowl. I like the parties, the food, and the commercials. Sometimes, I like the halftime show.... my all-time favorite was the last time it was in Tampa. But, I'm on SB-OVERLOAD!!!!

Craziest thing I've ever heard?..... $1600 for ONE nose-bleed seat! If you want a good seat, it'll cost you a mere $4000, per ticket. No thank you!

The newscaster just said the absolute truth... "The game itself is almost an afterthought. It's all the craziness leading up to the event that everyone lives for."

So true.

I'm actually going to be participating in an event, myself. The Legends for Charity event, which benefits St Jude, is Thursday evening. I looked online to see who was scheduled to be there.... the only name I recognized was John Madden, lol. Well, at least I won't be starstruck, lol.

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Emily said...

I love how invovled you are with St Jude... you really are doing great things for people!God bless you Jess:)