Monday, January 12, 2009

Getting Ready For St. Jude... The ABCs of Cancer

This week, I get the extreme privilege of going up to Memphis for the St. Jude Radio Training Seminar. Every year, our station has a Radiothon to raise money for the hospital. Before that, they hold a huge convention for the stations participating.

Among the seminars, roundtables, dinners, etc, we get to meet patients and actually tour the hospital. I went two years ago and it literally changed my life. It's the most amazing facility.

For more information, you can visit their website.

Obviously, I'll be posting about the trip later on. We leave on Thursday!

One of the most touching and just plain real parts of the hospital is a display that they have outside of the cafeteria. It's called "The ABCs of Cancer." Every letter is represented by some sort of artwork that a patient created. It's also work in progress.... they update the letters, so that the children have a chance to have their voiced be heard.

You can view it, right here.

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Emily said...

Have a great trip!
Thanks for sharing with us!