Friday, September 9, 2011

Train/Maroon 5 (8/31/11)

Back in May, I learned that Maroon 5 AND Train were coming to town. Together. Um, excitement.

As soon as they went on-sale, I bought. I most likely could have scored a free pair, but free = no choice in seating. So, I paid up! Thankfully, my friend Billie Jo is always up for a concert and wanted to come, too.

May I first say that non-Country concerts vs Country concerts are an interesting study? Very interesting. I've been going to Country concerts for about six years. There is a different feel to them that is really hard to explain. So, when you suddenly switch back to something else..... it makes for fun people watching.

Like the older couple (probably mid-50s) that were bumping and grinding the entire show. I mean, R-rated, for real.

Or, the set of 5 people (3 women and 2 men) that clearly had some interesting dynamics and took most of the show to figure out.

Or, the set of college girls that was led by a full-fledged hippy girl (down to the super long hair, across-the-forehead headband, and midriff baring peasant top) who knew every single word to every single song that both bands sang.

Then, there was the actual concert................

Matt Nathanson opened up. The only two songs I know of his are "Come On Get Higher" and "Faster", but I really enjoyed him. I like his style and he's hysterical.

Matt Nathanson

The two bands are co-headliners. Usually, that means that they alternate taking the stage. This time, Maroon 5 came out first. I've loved them since high school and they didn't disappoint!

Maroon 5

Adam Levine..... lead singer of Maroon 5 and an amazing talent.

After about 75 minutes of singing all their hits, it was time for a break.

Billie Jo and I........

Next up was Train!

They did a great job of mixing up their older/90s hits and their currents.

They brought on a bunch of women for "She's On Fire" to be Trainettes......

This lady was CRAZY, lol....

The little girl was adorable........

My favorite parts?................

"Hey, Soul Sister" -  As much fun as it is to sing in your car, along with the radio, it's 100x more fun to sing at a concert. Dancing around and singing at the top of your lungs.... so. much. fun.

"Marry Me" - I love, love, love, love, LOVE this song. It melts me.

If you've never heard it, let me give my absolute most favorite lines.............

"Forever could never be long enough for me to feel like I've had long enough with you....."


"Together could never be close enough for me to feel like I've been close enough to you. You'll wear white and I'll wear out the words 'I love you' and 'You're beautiful'."

Melts. Me.

Anyway, while he was singing that song, he ran around the amphitheatre. Billie Jo even got a high-five as he ran past us.

I walked out of there on Cloud 9. It truly was such a great concert.

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Lil' Woman said...

Sounds like so much fun and I am the same way in my car when 'Hey Soul Sister' comes on.