Saturday, December 31, 2011

Another Year Gone......

I honestly don't know what happened to 2011.

And, seeing as I have a lot of memories to record from 2011....... I'm not completely saying goodbye. I'll be revisiting the last quarter of it for a bit longer as I recap.

Regardless, another year is over.

As I was going through my blog from this year, I realized a couple things....... 1) I posted a lot less this year than in 2010 and 2) 2011 was a lot less dramatic that 2010.

I'm ok with 2, but not so much 1.

This year has been pretty good. Slightly uneventful (with the exception of a few points), but fun.

I wanted to read 12 books this year. I know I read over 12 books, but I also know they weren't all the books I originally planned to read.

I know I wanted to free myself from some emotional ties with the male species. I have in a lot of ways and not in others. If you pay attention to me on Twitter, at all, you know that just a couple days ago, I was pissed at a certain FD. I still am ticked, but more resigned to trying to remember what I knew this time last year. Things with TG are in a good place.

I lost 20lbs in 2011. That's a good thing. I started WW and (with the exception of the holidays) have done well with it. Reading as many blogs as I do, 20 lbs doesn't seem like a lot. Then, I remember that I've been consistently losing weight for six years, now. I've lost just over 100 lbs. It's slow, but it's loss. I've had to remind myself that my body is soooooo used to losing weight that I probably won't have huge losses from week to week or month to month.

Something that I never said or posted was that I wanted to tithe the entire year. And, I did it!! I am not good at giving up money. I stress a lot about money, so the idea of just handing over 10% of what I earn has the potential to send me into a panic. But, I did it and plan on doing it in 2012, too. It's what God calls me to do, so I'll do it.

2011 was a year of just putting my nose down and doing it. I didn't have a ton of lofty goals. Any goals I had were more practical.

It's been good knowing you, 2011.

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Katie @ Loves of Life said...

I think after your body has lost SO much weight, it's totally and completely different as you're losing the last of it. Your right, it kind of comes off slower and that's OKAY. You still had progress and in my opinion, A LOT of progress! AND KUDOS GIRL!!

Tithing has been a part of my life since I was a teenager. Something engrained in me and I agree with you, it's important and something I don't talk publicly about, but a choice (and sacrifice, yet a gift!) that me and my husband choose to do. It's important and the obedience shows a lot.

Happy new year, friend!