Sunday, January 1, 2012

In with a New Year....

I hope everyone had a safe and Happy New Year!!!

Myself? I spent my evening at home, celebrating my brother's 19th birthday (it's kind of sweet that his friends like us enough to spend NYE with us) and playing with my new BFF, Siri.

Oh, and I spent a couple hours texting my awesome twin Marianne. Which was great, because not only has it been forever, but it was probably one of the funniest conversations known to man.


So far in 2012, I've read over 100 pages of the third book in The Hunger Games (um, I read the entire second book on Friday. Can we say addicted?), drank two cups of coffee w/ creamer, logged my points for the two cups of coffee w/ creamer (*sigh* Hi, WW), watched church online (according to my pastor, I'm still good people for watching online, but the super people were actually there in person), and spent 45 mins IMing (yes, IMing) with TG (yes, TG) after he started it (*sigh*.... you'll be proud of me for being the one to finally end the conversation).

So, what else do I have planned for the brand-spanking new 2012?

My immediate plans include finishing my book, heading to the mall in hopes of finding the planner I want that can't be found on my side of town, and potentially tiding up.

Then, I'll look onto bigger things.......

My annual trip to St. Jude :)

Recapping the last quarter of 2011 and letting you in on the first quarter of 2012 as it happens. I want to get back into a blogging groove.

Keeping up with my birthday goals.

Couch to 5K. I started it last Fall...... faltered..... slightly picked it back up..... then dropped it completely. Well, Siri and I have other plans for this year. My C25K app is installed. I have new running shoes purchased with my Kohls cash and some Christmas money. I'm ready. This needs to be the year of not walking, jogging, whining about it, RUNNING. You hear me? I will run. I will. No, really, I will.

Beyond that, I'm not really sure where 2012 will take me. There are all these FB statuses about how 2012 feels like "the best year YET." And, while I admire the optimism, I don't really share it. I mean, I'm not hoping for a bad year. I just don't know where it will lead. At all, really.

And, for the first time in my life, I'm perfectly ok with that.

Happy New Year, Everyone!!!!


Café Moka said...

Happy New Year! Hope it's a great one!

Gina said... DID that convo go?

PaigeR530 said...

Happy New Year! I think that's a great attitude at 2012. Unrealistic expectations are our greatest heartaches.
And I'm with Gina, how did the convo with TG go?!

Lil' Woman said...

Happy New Year love!!