Monday, February 13, 2012

The Monday Real

Britt and Jess have cleverly changed Messy Mom Monday into The Monday Real! Head over and link up!

Being Real.

That is what this is all about.

So often in life, we put a smile on our face and paint a rosy picture of what life is for us. While it may be the best part of us, it isn't always the most real.

I mean, who wants to tell everyone just how much we're struggling? Better yet, when we look back on our FB pages or our blogs or our Twitter feeds, who wants to necessarily remember just how tough things were?

We, women, we don't like to admit our weaknesses.

A few days ago, one of my friends and coworkers told me that she and her husband were talking about me earlier in the week. She has come from several different markets, some small and a couple very large, so she's seen quite a bit in the business. Apparently, she and her husband were comparing her last Promotions Director to me.....

"Over at W---, she had two stations and an entire support staff. She had a full-time Promotions Asst, plus about 20 part-timers to go out to events. And, she was a MESS. I was telling P that you have four stations and NO help. Yet, you always have your S**T together."

I have my "stuff" together.

As flattered as I was, I started laughing.

Because, I so do not.

Sure, I may pull it off, in the end. I've always been the type that will write a paper about six hours before it's due (overnight) and manage to get an A. Or, the type to do a presentation on the fly and get great remarks. Or, the type that can BS my way through a business meeting.

Basically, I'm really great at pulling things right out of my butt.

It is a great skill to have, but it is stressful. Because, as I am running around like a chicken with its head cut off, trying to keep all the balls in the air, other things suffer.

Like, order.

Like, laundry.

Like, my diet.

Like, exercise.

Like, my overall health.

Like, my personal life.

The fact is, I'm single with no kids. So, it should be easy. I can just hear all the Mommas out there, reading this, and yelling at their computers, "Ha! You think you have problems?! You think you don't have time to sleep or keep order? Just wait until you have a husband and children, girly."

However, the other fact is that I'm currently married to my job and I nurture it like I would a child.

Friday night, the following was posted to my Twitter....

In case anyone is wondering why I am still single, it is 7:30 on a Friday night and I just left work. :/

That, is real, folks.


Jess @ DudeandSweets said...

Just because you don't have a family of your own doesn't mean your life is perfect. I always wonder about moms who are all judgy about non-moms. Uh, we were all not moms and busy and struggled once.

Just because someone isn't wiping butts doesn't mean they don't have to clean up sh*t sometimes.

I'm glad you linked up. :)

Laurin said...

Um, no. You're a person - everyone has their own problems that stem from what is important to us. Mom issues are just that - mom issues. I still have problems outside of my "mom" title!

PaigeR530 said...

I hate that attitude that some people have. Regardless of our status: Mom, non-mom, married, single, working, non-working, etc. We are ALL human. We all struggle. No one's struggles should ever be discounted just because the struggles aren't the same. Hugs!!

Lil' Woman said...

Everyone has there own struggles no matter what their status.

Gina said...

I'm right there with you writing a paper six hours before it's due and getting an A. So I COMPLETELY understand why you say it's not actually a good quality.

UnicycleRose said...

Apparently pulling things right out of your butt is really workin forya! Keep it up and know that eventually you will have a husband and kiddos and then you will really be one heck-of-a-balancing act. For now, savor the success, you sound AWESOME!!